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V8 Sound Card – Affordable solution for Live Streaming Audio

V8 Sound Card

V8 Sound Card is the most affordable sound card available in the market. This sound card has become most common for the youths who wish to do Live stream via Mobile device. V8 Sound Card enables you to connect multiple device and stream live with the condenser microphone. It also has built in sound features such as Applauds and animal sounds.

If you are having a condenser microphone with built in phantom power such as BM 800 Microphone then buying V8 is the best idea for low budget. And also, if you do not want to spend AED 250+ for buying Audio Interface then buying a V8 sound card is the suitable option. There are various types of V8 Sound Cards in the market which includes with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth.

Let’s discuss about some of the features of V8 Sound Card.

  1. Gain Control for Microphone.
  2. Echo, Treble and Bass Control.
  3. Separate control Knob for Record, Backing track and Monitor.
  4. Multiple effects such as Laugh, Clap, voice changer etc.
V8 Sound Card

V8 can also be used for recording interviews using Laptop. Actually, this small device that has a lot of great features for small amount of money.

This sound card is for amateurs only and doesn’t guarantee the professional quality however it serves your immediate requirements. It can be good for Live streaming in social media using your smart phones. If you would like to get professional quality audio sound card then we recommend you to read our Audio Interface buying guide.

Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics provide everything that you need for a perfect audio recording setup. Please contact us today to discuss on your requirement or pass by out shop located in Deira Fish Round about. We are always willing to assist you in buying the best audio equipment in UAE.

Does V8 Sound Card have warranty?

Though there is no warranty provided by the manufacturer on V8 Sound Card, Sound Town Electronics makes sure that you get the working condition Sound Card. You can return to us if it didn’t work within 7 days of the purchase.

Is V8 a good sound Card?

Honestly it’s good sound card for the amount that you are spending as it has some of the features which are not even available in professional Sound Cards.

Is V8 Sound Card good for professional Sound Recording?

Unfortunately, V8 sound card is not the suitable option if you are looking for professional sound recording. You need to have an Audio Interface for professional sound recording.

Does V8 Sound Card support Condenser Microphone?

Yes, V8 Sound Card supports BM 800 & BM 900 Condenser microphone and any condenser microphones that has built-in Phantom power or battery inside the microphone.

Does V8 Sound Card have effect options?

V8 Sound Card

Yes of course, It has multiple effect options built-in. You can simply press the button for any desired effects.

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