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Home Recording Studio Setup Guide 2020

Recording studio Bundle

Home Recording Studio Setup Guide – Home Recording Studio has become a necessity these days. Due to the modern technology and availability of powerful audio recording equipment at the best price, it has become affordable for everyone to have a recording studio at home. Moreover, the current trend of working from home has really forced everyone to have great quality sound equipment at home to be more productive. Home Recording studio will help in completing any kind of audio project such as podcast recording, song recording, virtual meetings etc.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen Recording Bundle

What is home recording studio then? Generally home recording studio includes a computer, audio interface, Microphone, headphone and other recording accessories. We will discuss each of these audio components that are required to have a decent home recording studio.

The space available at your home really matters while deciding what kind of recording studio you want at home and what kind of recording equipment to be used. Home Recording Studio Setup Guide is intended to help you in deciding the best option available in the market.

In this guide we are explaining the equipment that are required to have is a simple working studio, perfect for anyone just starting out with recording at home.

List of Home Recording Studio Equipment

Computer – Laptop, PC, Mac or iMac

Having a computer is the most as you need it for recording the sound, editing and producing a final piece of audio for your recording project. Any computer with a minimum configuration is good to start recording sound,  just ensure that you have USB Port or Thunderbolt port for connecting the audio interface which we will discuss in next section.  

Audio Interface

An audio interface is a bridge that connect your instruments including microphone to the computer. Well, you may be wondering why do you need an audio interface while you can simply connect a microphone to your computer directly at the Microphone port? Basically, the headphone and microphone jacks in any computers are for basic usages purpose only. They are not ideal for recording a good sound hence we need an audio interface.

Audio Interface or Recording studio Bundle?

If you are a beginner or want to go hassle free setup, please select the recording studio bundle option. It will make your life easier because recording bundle includes most of the important requirement to start recording at home. The normal recording bundle includes Condenser Microphone, XLR Cable, Audio Interface, Headphone and USB Cable.

Here are some of the best-selling recording bundles based on our sales data at Audio shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics.

These recording bundles are cost effective and takes care of all your needs at recording studio at home.

If don’t want to go for the recording bundle, below are some of the best audio interfaces that you can consider.

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Home Recording Studio Setup Guide - Behringer U-PHORIA Audio Interface


Choosing the best microphone can be challenging due to the availability of many varieties of microphones that can be used for your recording studio at home. What we recommend is to buy condenser microphone which can last long and give good recording result. Here are some of the best microphones for home recording studio.

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Home Recording Studio Setup Guide-AKG P220 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone


Another requirement for your home studio is a decent headphone which enables you to monitor the audio being recorded and hear the playback of what has been recorded. Good Headphone is vital for any kind of studio setup. We have listed some of the best Recording studio quality headphones with the best price in UAE.

One of the best Headphone

Shure SRH840

Superior Audio Experience

Studio Monitors (Optional if you have enough Budget)

Studio Monitors are the speakers that are designed to be used for audio productions such as recording studio, film making and any kind of audio content creation. The monitors are used for hearing the sound. Though, studio monitors are not the must have equipment for a home recording studio as you can simply monitor the sound by using headphone. However, you may opt in if you have enough budget to set up your studio.

Here are some of studio monitors that can be used for recording studio at home.

HS5 Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitor

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Microphone Stand

Microphone stand is required to hold the mic so that you can start recording hassle free. You can choose from below types of microphone stand according to your space and preference. There is no specific brand or model recommended as long as it serves your purpose as gives value to your money.

Home Recording Studio Setup Guide-Microphone Stand

Cables and Accessories

We have reached towards the end of the requirements for your recording studio at home.

You will need some XLR Cables and accessories such as Headphone Jack etc. depending on your requirement.  


We recommend the recording studio bundles that can save your time and make you less confused. The bundles cover most of the required items for home recording studio. You can always reach our technical specialist team who can guide you the best audio equipment in UAE. The virtue of our team is that we listen to your requirement and suggest you the best possible audio equipment that can serve your purpose. Remember, we don’t just sell, we solve your problem.

Do you need any further help or have any questions about Home Recording Studio Setup Guide? Please feel free to type in the comment box and click on what’s app icon so that you can be connected directly with us. We are available in Amazon Marketplace as well. 🙂

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