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Buy Microphone in UAE- Know which Microphone is best for your requirement

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Buy Microphone in UAE – Microphone is the devices that enables you to input the sound source into the recording device / Mobile and computers. There are various type of microphones and it may be confusing if you don’t know which microphones to buy. We are exploring 3 main types of microphones in this article.

Dynamic, Condenser Microphone and Ribbon Microphones are the main types of microphones that are used for all kind for recording including home recording studio and we are discussing about it in details below.

Buy Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic microphone is the microphone that converts sound into an electrical signal by means of electromagnetism. They fall into two categories, moving coil and ribbon microphones. A moving coil capsule with wire coil at the back of the transparent membrane which is surrounded by a permanent magnet.

There are wired and wireless dynamic microphones. Dynamic Microphones are available with XLR and USB both options as well.  

The Dynamic Microphones are used for capturing loud, strong sounds (drums or loud vocals), particularly in a live sound setting. Singers use the dynamic microphones for the live performance.

  • The dynamic microphones are good for all types of recording such as vocals, recording drums as well as guitar and any instruments.
  • Phantom Power is not required for dynamic microphone.
  • These microphones are budget friendly and doesn’t break your pocket.
  • Shure SM58, Behringer XM8500, Sennheiser E845, Mackie EM-89D are most commonly used best Dynamic Microphones.
Buy Microphone in UAE

Buy Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphones are constructed with a lightweight diaphragm which is suspended by a fixed plate. Sound waves cause pressure against the diaphragm, which causes it to move. Because of the thin diaphragm, condenser mics are used to pick up delicate sounds. They also need a power source – Phantom Power and it is widely used for recording vocals in recording studio as well as home / office recording studio.

  • Ideal for recording vocals or acoustic guitars.
  • Perfect for precision recording pianos or acoustic guitars.
  • Very sensitive to breathing and “popping” hence a Pop filter will be the ideal companion with condenser microphone.
  • Phantom Power is mandatory as it doesn’t work without phantom power.

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AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Ribbon Microphone

A ribbon microphone, also known as a ribbon velocity microphone, is a type of microphone that uses a thin aluminum placed between the poles of a magnet to produce a voltage by electromagnetic induction. Ribbon microphones are typically bidirectional, meaning that they pick up sounds equally well from either side of the microphone.

  • Ribbon microphones are very sensitive microphones.
  • Great for vocals, choirs, piano, strings, and woodwind.
  • Perfect for recording multi-instruments in a room.
  • These microphones are considered to be an expensive microphone.
Aston Stealth

You can always choose the right microphone by understanding your requirement and doing some research prior buying it. We are always there if you need any help to buy microphone in UAE.

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