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Dynacord Mixer-Buy Dynacord Mixer in UAE at the best Price

Dynacord Power Mate 1600-3 16-channel compact power mixers

Buy Dynacord Mixer in UAE – Dynacord is part of the Bosch Communications Systems family of brands, offering the world’s most complete portfolio of professional audio and communications solutions.

The Dynacord is considered as the pioneer in Professional Audio Systems. Dynacord Mixer is preferred in all industries to have better quality sound.

For over 70 years, Dynacord has designed and engineered professional audio electronics — products that offer unparalleled performance and premium quality, the perfect balance of power and precision.

Dynacord Mixers are categorized in to 2 different categories namely CMS and Powermate.

Dynacord PowerMate Series Mixers

The Dynacord PowerMate Mixers are powered mixers. The PowerMate compact power mixers incorporate profound know-how, based on our research, development and inter-communication with our customers in the professional audio market, for decades.

It incorporates not less than six dedicated audio devices into one compact frame: mixing console, two effects units, graphic equalizer, USB audio interface and power amplifier. Each of them is on the highest quality level as you would expect from a stand-alone device. The PowerMate is a real all-rounder for almost all applications with maximum feature set at minimum size.

Dynacord Powermate Mixers

Dynacord Mixer – Compact Mixing System (CMS) Series

Dynacord Compact Mixing System is derived from the iconic PowerMate, Dynacord compact mixing system consoles present the peak in their segment by virtue of audio quality, components and features. By integrating a high-quality analog mixer with finest digital 24/48-bit studio grade effect processors, the CMS series represent the preferred solution for a large number of demanding professional audio applications. Offering all the level of quality, the larger CMS 1000, 1600 and 2200 offer the full feature set, while the CMS 600 has been optimized for size.

Dynacord Mixer

Below are the features of CMS Series of Dynacord Mixers.

  • High-Quality FX processors, editable with 100 factory and 20 user presets.
  • Professional 4×4 24-bit/96kHz USB interface, recording software and MIDI interface for FX control.
  • Stereo EQ for the main mix.
  • First-class components ( e.g. ALPS faders and potentiometers).
  • Large, contrast rich OLED display.
  • Lightweight and compact package.
  • Made in Germany.

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