A strong, valuable brand From a functional and practical standpoint, Zoom has the hallmarks of a strong brand name. It’s short, catchy and can be used as a verb (It’s more quick and fun to say “Let’s Zoom” than it is to say “Let’s have a video conference”). But a great brand is more than just a great brand name.

In the past decade, the prevalence of cameras being built into our desktops and mobile devices has resulted in video-chatting through services like Google Hangouts (released in 2013) or Apple FaceTime (released in 2010).

Compared to most of these video-conferencing technologies, Zoom, which was founded in 2013, is  the most established.

Many companies and large organizations have a preferred video-conferencing app—whether it’s WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc. But most K-12 schools don’t. Probably because they never needed to. Learning took place in a physical classroom, and the use of video-conferencing was rare.

Suddenly, with kids across the country needing to learn remotely, educators scrambled to find a reliable, easy-to-use video-conferencing and screen sharing software to continue teaching. Zoom recognized this need and quickly stepped up and offered their software to educators for free, including many of the features that are usually only available with paid, premium licenses.

This created a fast, easy and free solution for school systems and a large influx of new users for Zoom. Within a matter of weeks, nearly every kid and their parents had Zoom accounts for school-related activities. Soon, they were using those accounts for socializing, with kids having Zoom playdates and parents gathering for Zoom happy hours.

Just looking at Google search volume shows how quickly Zoom has come into the public consciousness and gained popularity.

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