Pioneer DJ Announces the DDJ-FLX10, A 4-Channel DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 4-channel DJ Performance Controller

Pioneer DJ released new DDJ-FLX10, a 4-channel DJ Controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, which replaces both DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000 SRT which was the recordbox and serato variant of the previous controller. Rekordbox has even used this controller to release their version of stems called Track Separation Technology, which simplifies the performance of mashups on the fly, without arranging songs in advance and it also includes DJ lighting via a built-in DMX socket.

It closely resembles its look and feel from the two DDJ-1000 controllers, however the displays have been updated to show more information. The updated jog wheels have four display modes and colored LED Rings which match the stems you have active, making it easy to keep track of your mixes. The DJs can now program transitions with a new record box compatible link mix mode, which allows DJs to set and mix out and mix in point between two songs and let the software automatically play the next song in time, giving you time control effects or other features.

It is a four-channel software controller and it also functions as a four-channel mixer and can be used with external microphones, turntables and media players. The controller mainly focus on 3 track elements that are crucial to DJing vocals, drums and other instruments.

The new DMX output control lighting and perform automatic light shows with your music plus new USBC connections for your laptop. This performance-based controller has eight different pad modes and a ton of other performance features.

The DDJ FLX10 features the latest generation Magvel Fader perfect for mixing and scratching. There is also FX PART SELECT similar to the FX frequency bands found on the DJM A9 and DJM V10 professional DJ mixers. The FX PART SELECT allows to apply the beat effects on specific stem spots.

Check out Audio Shop Dubai for more details on DDJ-FLX10, which is arriving next week at AED 6999

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