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Shure MV7 V/S SM7B. Which Microphone is right for you?

MV7 Shure Microphone

Shure SM7B is the best vocal microphone throughout the world without any doubt. The legendary SM7B is widely used by professionals in recording studios and radio stations. From Marc Maron to Michael Jackson, SM7B has gained the irreplaceable popularity. So, what is that fantastic features MV7 has which makes anyone to switch over it?

Shure Microphone has recently launched the MV7 Microphone with USB and XLR option targeted for Podcasting, Home recording and gaming professionals. Which is the most demanded microphone of current situation all over the world. Most of the companies around the world has started work from home as mandated for their all employees which has resulted in increased demand of quality microphone and audio setup at home.

MV7 Shure Microphone

MV7 is extremely handy for all kind of professional for getting the best audio quality at the incredible price. The crystal-clear sound can be directly inputted to the computer via USB Cable as well as using an Audio Interface with XLR connection. This is the beauty of MV7 which makes it sand out in the crowd of microphones.

Let’s discuss about the key difference between Shure SM7B and MV7.

Basically, there are some key differences between these microphones: Whereas the SM7B can be used as all-rounder microphone on everything from vocals to instrument recording, the MV7 has been optimized specifically for speech applications like podcasting and singing.

SM7B requires the Microphone preamps such as Cloudlifter CL1 to boost the clarity and have the crystal-clear sound whereas MV7 does perfectly well independently. Best of all, it comes with the option of XLR and USB which enables you to start recording your project without any audio interface.

Shure SM7B and CloudLifter

Audio Shop Dubai by sound Town Electronics provides you the opportunity to feel the both SM7B and MV7 before buying in UAE. You can come to our shop, try them and buy once you like it.

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