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Do you need Cloudlifter with Shure SM7B?

Shure SM7B and CloudLifter

Cloudlifter is the perfect partner to Shure SM7B for perfect audio recording. CL1 mic activator from Cloudlifter is a compact inline device that boost the audio signal by converting the phantom power up to 20 DB ultraclean gain. It dramatically improves the audio quality of dynamic, ribbon and tube microphones.

What is Cloudlifter?

Cloudlifters are an essential tool for any audio recording setup. These are great addons for any studio recording engineers, Home studio recording who are looking for higher performance with low sensitivity microphones without having to use an expensive preamp audio gear.  Producing a podcast, recording into a DAW interface, performing live on stage, using long cable runs in the studio, miking soft sound sources and using noisy or low gain preamps are just a few of its many uses​. It’s made in USA.

What is Shure SM7B?

Shure SM7B is an incredible cardioid dynamic microphone which can take your career to the next level. No matter if you are a voiceover artist, singer, Gamer or radio professional, this cool microphone is your companion. Shure SM7B is well known for it’s versatile audio sound quality and has gained the market share around the world.

Does Shure SM7B really needs Cloudlifter?

Well, the answer is that the legendary vocal microphone Shure SM7B works perfectly without Cloudlifter mic activator however if you need the crystal-clear sound with ultra clean gain, it is essential to have Cloudlifter so that your sound quality will improve drastically.

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Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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