Pioneer DJ Announced Latest DJ Controller DDJ-FLX6-GT

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT is the latest 4-channel DJ Controller from Pioneer DJ, it is the upgraded version of Pioneer DDJ-FLX6, with different color scheme, full-sized pro jogwheels which are same size as those on the flagship CDJ-3000 multi player and more software support.

The arrangement is identical to its predecessor replicating the club-standard CDJ+DJM setup, allowing you to play with ease. However, the graphite hue of the jog and the new matt grey body give it a stylish appearance.

It is compatible with Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro and it has the updated firm ware inside, the hardware hasn’t changed. The existing DDJ-FLX6 owners can upgrade their firmware to get all the features of DDJ-FLX6-GT. It has Serato DJ pro, and also you receive a voucher for Pitch n Time and FX expansion Pack for that software. With the use of soundcard, Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT can be connected to the laptop that is running the software using USB cable, and you can start DJing.

It has new Merge FX Knob that DJ’s can use to switch from one track to another, regardless of BPM or keys. Four presets on virtual DJ or Serato DJ pro and eight on rekordbox can be used with Merge FX. Additionally, you can create your own samples.

Rekordbox has brand new sample scratch pad mode, so that you can select the sounds you have assigned to the sampler and put them into the decks. Therefore, you can scratch with your favorite sounds whether you want to make a live remix of a track or simply add some texture to the music.

DDJ-FLX4-GT will be available soon at Sound Town electronics.

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