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Warm Audio Microphones Buying Guide

Warm Audio Microphones Buying Guide

Warm Audio is one of the 7 best-selling microphones, based on its renowned designs for the past 70 years. Warm Audio was founded in 2011, its aim is to produce high-quality recording products which is affordable for everyday musicians and recording engineers.

Besides microphone, Warm Audio produces other pro audio equipment such as preamplifier, compressors, and equalizers.

Today Warm Audio microphones are globally used in live music venues, commercial recording studios, home recording studios, broadcasting control rooms, house of worship, as well as live tour and festival sound rigs.

Condenser and Dynamic microphone are the 2 main types of microphones in Warm Audio.

Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphone are commonly used in recording studios and also vocals, acoustic guitars, strings, and percussion. Condenser microphone design attain high level of sensitivity with an extra boost of external power, which can be quite helpful in the studio when you need to capture a signal with nuance. Condensers come in a variety of styles, including tube, and solid stage, large and small diaphragm, massive and tiny.

Dynamic Microphone

The second most typical form of microphone in a recording studio is a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are cheaper and durable than the condenser microphone. They exist in different sizes, shapes and behavioral characteristics. These microphones are mainly used in onstage during live performances and also record loud sources like drums, electric guitars and screaming vocals.

Are Warm Audio Microphones Good?

Warm Audio microphones are extremely good. It is one of the best 7 microphones in the world. Warm Audio helps in providing engineers and musicians a fully professional recording equipment. Warm Audio produces classic analog recording gear, which was the dream of many musicians to own it. In order to build and develop pro audio products, Warm Audio has unique significant technical knowledge and they have strong relationship with top component manufactures, in order to develop high quality equipment.

Best Warm Audio Microphones

  • Wa-87
  • Wa-47
  • Wa-67
  • Wa-251
  • Wa-14
  • Wa-84

Warm Audio Wa-87 R2

Warm Audio Wa-87 R2 is the updated version of Warm Audio’s first microphone and it’s built on one of the most popular designs in audio recording history. You can move from instrument to instrument during tracking by simply keeping the mic on the boom stand. It has a wonderful thickness and top presence, so it can be used for any work. It sounds good on voices and heavy on stereo piano, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars.










Buy Wa-87 R2

Warm Audio WA-47Jr

Every studio needs a large diaphragm condenser microphone of great quality. WA-47Jr microphone is applicable to every situation.  When set up properly, WA-47 have an amazing perform on Drums, Acoustic Guitars, reed instruments, but its’s mainly used for vocal microphone.











Buy WA-47Jr

Warm Audio WA-67

The WA-67 is designed in late sixties, and it’s made in Germany, that captured the lead vocals. It works incredibly well as a Vocal Microphone and it can also be used with drums. WA-67 is excellent at recording, it can immediately become your preferred option for recording vocals, guitars, drums, and overheads, piano, brass and strings.

Warm Audio Microphones









Warm Audio WA-67

Warm Audio WA-251

The WA-251 is based on a German desert-island microphone, offers to female vocals because of its incredibly smooth top end response. It has high frequency smoothness, which makes it ideal for female voices and delicate speech. It works great on drums overheads and guitar cabs, just like all of our tube condenser microphone.

Warm Audio Microphones









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Warm Audio WA-14

WA-14 is based on the German Microphone from 70’s. which is well known as instrument microphone. This microphone can be used in a variety of applications including, acoustic or electric guitars, bass, drums/ percussion, string / orchestral materials and more. WA-14 offers authenticity and thickness of the vintage microphone at a more reasonable price.

Warm Audio Microphones










Buy WA-14

Warm Audio WA-84

Wa-84 is the only small diaphragm microphone in the list, which is designed like a true studio microphone, and will definitely liked by anybody who records acoustic instruments or percussion. Small diaphragm condenser microphones are used in a closed area where their small size and exact high-frequency response really stand out. They work well on percussions, acoustic guitars, symphonic instruments, hi-hats and room mics.

Warm Audio Microphones










Buy WA-84

Today, globally recognized live music venues, commercial recording studios, home recording studios, broadcasting control rooms, houses of worship, as well as live tour and festival sound rigs all use Warm Audio products.

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