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HEDD Type 05 MK2 Black - 2-Way Studio Monitor ( 2x100W with DSP) Original price was: AED2,999.Current price is: AED2,950.
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HEDD BASS 08 – 8″ 300W Subwoofer Black with DSP

The HEDD Bass 08 is an active subwoofer with 8” woofer, CoP Lineariser DSP technology to be used in partnership with their range of nearfield speakers.

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  • Frequency response: 24Hz – 80kHz
  • 300W ICEpower amps from Denmark
  • HEDD Lineariser Integration
  • CoP Technology
  • Phase-Linear Subwoofer/ Satellite System
  • Max. SPL: 105dB
  • Input analog and digital (AES): 2x XLR
  • Solid unibody-like cabinet with a modern matt-black rubber fi nish
  • Input Gain +/- 12 dB
  • Phase switch: 0 / 90 / 180 / 270°
  • Universal Mains (85V – 265V)
  • Dimensions: 392 x 290 x 400mm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Made in Germany


BASS 08 and BASS 12 are the first HEDD subwoofers to become available on the market. As a result of decades of speaker technology research, these excel in precise low frequency reproduction by newly developed drive units, incredible high-power amplifiers and the use of linear phase (or FIR) filters down to 20 Hz. If HEDD monitors with switched on Lineariser are in place, they also offer a satellite output that can influence the output (group delay) of the units to result in a complete linear phase operation of satellite-sub systems.

Firstly, they have now integrated the lineariser DSP plugin that accompanied the first-generation units inside the speaker itself. This works by slightly delaying certain frequencies so that all of them leave the speaker at exactly the same time, resulting in a perfect, phase coherent impulse response. The listener will sense the that the bass notes will appear much punchier and tighter, especially in the sub octaves, as lower waves take longer to develop than the treble frequencies, alongside an improves spatial response. Surprisingly the integrated version has less latency than the previous plugin, coming in at only 10ms.


• Switchable Low Pass filtering for use with diff. crossover frequencies including two LFE modes
• Switchable LF range normal/ extended (15% lower=less SPLmax) and a +10dB option for LFE
• Input sensitivity pot. range -10 dB to + 4dB, so AD conversion can be optimized
• AES interface input selector for analog, AES left, AES right or AES mono
• Gain: Analog pot from -12 dB to +12 dB

CoP (Closed or Ported)

BASS LIKE NEVER BEFOREThe other addition from adding the DSP in box is that in enables the “COP” (closed or ported) option. Since the inception of loudspeakers, there have been 2 differing design approaches to achieve a good bass response: closed box design which made the Yamaha NS-10’s & Neumann KH310 so revered and bass reflex speakers, or ported designs.

By offering removable plugs for the bass ports, in tandem with advanced FIR (Finite Impulse Response filtering), HEDD now offers users the choice between both of these worlds: A pin-point transient response/optimum accuracy (closed cabinet approach) or the advantages of a dynamic and low-reaching bass-ported design with greater SPL Closing the ports obviously affects the tonal balance, so there is a switch on the rear of the unit to change the balance accordingly to compensate.

Adding the DSP also has an additional advantage for connectivity, as alongside the analogue input, it is now also possible to digitally connect directly to the speakers using AES digital signals over XLR connection and includes a though socket to connect to additional speakers.

hedd bass 08


Subwoofer placement has always been a bit of a dark art, but Hedd have also have integrated the same lineariser technology into the new accompanying range of subwoofers. To use this, you would send your monitor feed to the subwoofer and the connect the nearfields to the subwoofer.

The DSP will then delay the “through” signal to nearfields so the waves hit the listener at the same time. This should mean that subwoofer placement is much easier and together with the mk2 nearfields, you can create a phase linear sub/sat system up to 2M in difference between each other.




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