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The subwoofer is the piece of gear that ties those fancy home stereo and studio setups together. They’re the “point one” in the collective units that are defined by numbers, such as 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, and more. While that number in front of the decimal may change based on the number of other speakers, the number behind it is unchanging.

Most studio quality monitors and subwoofers have additional controls such as a phase switch and a gain adjustment. For example, when the monitors and the sub are moving out of sync with each other, they can produce overlapping frequencies that cancel out each other.

Studio subwoofers are designed to be used by professionals. They focus on accurately replicating the sound delivered to them. Commercial subwoofers have a more coloured sound and will try to “enhance” the sound. This can be beneficial for general listening as you can tailor which subwoofer you buy based on how much you love bass. If you do want to hear your music in the purest form stick to a studio subwoofer.

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker component designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies, typically around 20-120 Hz. Adding a subwoofer to your studio can drastically alter your ability to monitor bass, either for better or worse, depending on how you’ve set up your subwoofer.

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