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Best Audio Mixer

Best audio mixer mixes, balances and combines various audio signals from sources such as microphones, instruments, synthesizers and recorded audio. The sound signals are then delivered to the output, where they are amplified and send via a sound system. The mixer serves as the focal point for combining and blending sound signals from various sources. The output is then delivered to the monitor speakers via mixer after the output is adjusted for stereo imaging, effects and ambience.

Types of Audio Mixer

  • Analog Mixer
  • Powered Analog
  • Digital Mixer

Analog Mixer

The Analog mixers are mostly used for recording as well as live sound.  On an analog mixer each control serves a single purpose. Analog mixers are cheaper than digital mixers, but they lack the automation and programmability necessary for performance and recordings. The operators must be present at the board because there is no wireless remote control.

Digital Mixer

The Digital Mixer produces clear sound, which is uninterrupted by noises. Most Digital Mixer includes wireless connectivity, allowing for remote operation via an iPad or smartphone. Everything can be controlled using a tablet or smartphone. So, you may freely move over the room. There are several ports available to attach your preferred devices.

Best Audio Mixer

  • Zoom LiveTrak L-20
  • Yamaha MG12XU
  • Behringer X32
  • Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK
  • Rode Rodecaster Pro

Zoom LiveTrak L-20

An audio mixer that are not just mixing, recording, ad monitoring, but also playback and remix. It is the combination of Audio Interface and audio mixer with lot of interesting features. Zoom is well known for its high-quality multipurpose items that are offered at competitive pricing. You can record up to 20 sources and you have total control over levels panning effects and routing. If you are looking for an equipment that makes intuitive mixing a reality, you need the L-20.

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Yamaha MG10XU

Yamaha MG10XU is 12 channel audio mixer which provides excellent sound quality and outstanding effects, and it is the best analog audio mixer on the list. The mixer is portable and is perfect for home recording, recording podcast and conducting interviews. It includes 24 digital effects that cover all the sounds you may want from a mixer. The interface configuration is simple to understand and use. It is a great audio mixer for smaller shows.

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Behinger X32

Behringer X32 Producer is the cheapest of Behringer’s three X32 digital mixer with powerful specification. It may be your best studio recording interface today, which controls the complex treater production tomorrow. The X32 Producer’s simple structure, which includes global physical controls for channel strip gain, dynamics and EQ, makes it simple to use despite its potential complexity. All in all, the X32 Producer is really a strong tool at a great price.

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Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK

Soundcraft Signature 22MTK is a multi-track mixer, so you can easily record each track separately. It produces excellent audio quality with high capacity, wide dynamic range, exceptional resolution, clarity, and excellent signal to noise ratio and is packed with fantastic features including Soundcraft renowned Ghost mic preamp. The Soundcraft Signature 12MTK and Signature 22MTK are made with tour-grade, durable metal and the best quality materials.

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Rode Rodecaster Pro

Rodecaster Pro is your best option if you want a mixer that contributes to more than just great-sounding live streaming. We know that podcasting is a rapidly expanding creative field, but its technological requirements frequently overlap with those of music and audio production. It has a dedicated podcast mixing desk with many of its own techniques. It comes with a huge full color touchscreen, one-touch tone controls, automatic level adjustment, four headphone outputs, four studio-quality XLR microphone inputs, and four XLR microphone inputs.

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You probably need a mixer or mixing desk for your home studio since you have too many audio sources and not enough locations to send them, which is a fairly typical musical problem. This might be case is you are a solo producer with a large collection of instruments, samplers, microphones, and other equipment or if you are a band trying to record several tracks at once. An audio mixer can help you make broadcasts that let your viewers experience your audio in a realistic, natural way, giving you total control over how your live streams sound.

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