Pioneer VM-80 Active 8-inch DJ & Studio Monitor

One of the leading models in Pioneer’s VM-Series, the VM-80 DJ and Studio Monitor Speaker, has built on the top-rated S-DJX models’ technology, capable of delivering incredible sound quality in an aesthetically pleasing design and a complete feature list.

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The Pioneer VM-80 Studio Monitor allow users to have full control over their sound with the user-defined DSP settings – optimise the sound to create the best image for the environment you are listening in.

Home DJing has become ever more popular within recent, being more accessible and affordable for many, more enthusiasts have joined the scene and with professionals starting to livestream their performances from home, professional standard sound quality and sleek aesthetics are important for any home setup or studio.

Pioneer VM-80 Studio Monitor Clear, No distortion Audio

Experience authentic sound with no distortion; the Class D amplifier is capable of wide-bandwidth audio reproduction at 96 kHz sampling DSP. The VM-80 monitor speaker can maintain a consistently higher SPL output than the previous models, although the AB amplifiers have higher output ratings. The Class D amps used in the VM Series are much more efficient than the previous, meaning very little energy is wasted, and therefore less risk of overheating and allows peak output to be maintained.

Aramid Fibre Cone

Pioneer has been carefully constructed the VM-80 using choice materials that provide the best possible sound quality and durability to ensure it performs throughout its lifespan. Using the advancements made on their S-DJX series, the VM-Series has used the woofer cone made from Aramid Fibre to further support the monitor’s accuracy and tonal characteristics. Typically, Aramid Fibre is very rigid and lightweight, meaning it can react quickly to vibrations and reproduces select frequencies accurately. The VM-80 can project the sound throughout the room and fill any environment to make the listener feel fully immersed.

The VM-80 features Pioneer’s constant directivity horn, which produces a broad, uniform listening experience suited to any environment. The flat playback frequency is designed to swap over to the tweeter at specific frequencies to create a more balanced, natural response. Every room and environment can have massively different acoustic properties, meaning one setting won’t work for every setup; with easily adjustable DSP settings, you can match the VM-80 to any environment.

Pioneer VM-80 Studio Monitor Fine-tune Your Sound

The VM-80 features two adjustable EQ knobs on the rear of the unit, controlling the speakers Low and High EQs. Each EQ has 4 different positions it can be set to, resulting in a total of 16 different settings to choose between, meaning you can find the best sound for the right environment. The EQ controls give the speakers more flexibility, allowing for use in many situations; cut the bass and low frequencies from the output to remove unwanted vibrations.

Finished with a modern design and Alumite-treated brushed texture to the exterior of the unit to create clean styling and details that add to the speaker’s character and sound quality; the hexagonal front baffle works to suppress resonance and vibrations from the sound, with the protective guard in front of the tweeter protecting the high-frequency diaphragm.

Pioneer VM-80 Studio Monitor Vortex Bass Accelerator

The Vortex Bass Accelerator has been designed specially so that the bass and low-end frequencies are tight and produced with no distortion or unwanted vibrations. By channelling air generated through specific vents and ports, the VM-80 can keep low frequencies contained and true to the sound you want to hear.

User DSP Settings

Adjust the settings according to your setup location and intended use to achieve the best possible sound. Choose from 4 preset DSP settings suited for different uses and setups.

L1 – reduces the bass and low-end frequency, ideal for night time listening or reducing vibrations that may travel through the walls or furniture. 6dB HPF (High Pass Filter) is applied at 63Hz to remove sub frequencies to produce a clear and tight sound image.

L2 – recommended for accurate studio monitoring, designed to work well in acoustically designed environments. Creates a flat frequency response that delivers authentic sound true to the input signal.

L3 – ideal for larger rooms and environments that require an added level of sound, the boosted bass and low-ends kick in at 50Hz using a Bell EQ to increase the sound by 2.5 dB.

L4 – delivers powerful bass and low frequencies, similar to the sound of nightclubs and events. The 5dB of boost kicks in at 50Hz using a bell EQ, with 2dB of boost at 200Hz to create intense bass and prominent low frequencies.

Perfect for any home setup or professional studio, the Pioneer VM-80 Studio Monitor DJ and music production reference speaker is capable of producing unmatched sound quality. Get the most out of your setup by positioning your VM-80s to be symmetrical, ideally against the shortest wall in the room, to help create a balanced stereo image. The isolation pads can be attached to the bottom of your VM-80 to help raise them off the surface of your furniture and ensure you receive the authentic sound produced by the speakers. Moreover, the isolation pads will prevent some of the deep vibrations from resonating and travelling through furniture or walls.

  • Clean, professional design
  • Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP
  • Wave Guide – Constant directivity horn, Silk dome tweeter
  • User-defined DSP settings
  • Auto Standby switch
  • 4mm hexagonal aluminium front baffle
  • 8” Aramid Fibre woofer cone
  • Vortex Bass Accelerator

Pioneer VM-80 Active 8-inch DJ & Studio Monitor

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