Hercules GS432B PLUS Triple Guitar Stand

Hercules GS432B PLUS Triple Guitar Stand offers a convenient, secure, and stylish solution for musicians who need to keep multiple guitars organized and accessible. Whether you’re a professional guitarist, a studio musician, or a dedicated hobbyist, this stand provides the perfect combination of reliability and convenience to meet your needs.

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The Hercules GS432B PLUS Triple Guitar Stand is a premium-grade stand designed to securely hold three guitars simultaneously, providing convenience, stability, and protection for your instruments. Crafted with durability and innovative features, this stand offers a reliable solution for musicians who need to keep multiple guitars readily accessible. Here are the key features and descriptions of the Hercules GS432B PLUS:

  1. Triple Guitar Capacity: The Hercules GS432B PLUS is specifically designed to accommodate three guitars, making it ideal for musicians with multiple instruments or for use in band settings. Whether you have electric, acoustic, or bass guitars, this stand can hold them all securely in place.
  2. Auto Grip System: This stand features Hercules’ patented Auto Grip System, which automatically locks the neck of each guitar in place when placed on the stand. The arms use gravity to securely hold the instruments, providing peace of mind and preventing accidental falls or slips.
  3. Specially Formulated Foam Padding: To protect the finish of your guitars from scratches and dings, the GS432B PLUS is equipped with specially formulated foam padding at all contact points. These pads provide a gentle yet secure grip, ensuring that your instruments remain in pristine condition.
  4. Adjustable Height and Width: The stand offers adjustable height and width mechanisms, allowing you to customize the positioning of each guitar for optimal visibility and accessibility. Whether you prefer to display your instruments evenly or staggered, the GS432B PLUS offers flexibility to suit your preferences.
  5. Sturdy Construction: Built with durable materials and reinforced joints, the Hercules GS432B PLUS provides excellent stability and support for your guitars. The tripod base with rubber feet ensures stability on any surface, while the robust frame can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  6. Compact and Foldable Design: Despite its capacity to hold three guitars, the GS432B PLUS remains compact and portable. The stand can be folded down to a manageable size for easy transportation and storage, making it ideal for gigging musicians, studio professionals, or home enthusiasts.
  7. Sleek Aesthetic: With its sleek black finish and modern design, the Hercules GS432B PLUS adds a touch of elegance to any stage or studio setup. Its minimalist aesthetic complements the aesthetics of your guitars without overshadowing them, ensuring that your instruments remain the focal point of your performance.

Hercules GS432B PLUS Triple Guitar Stand




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