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Musicians have used plectra to play stringed instruments for thousands of years. Feather quills were likely the first standardized plectra and became widely used until the late 19th century. At that point, the shift towards what became the superior plectrum material took place; the outer shell casing of an Atlantic hawksbill sea turtle, which would colloquially be referred to as tortoiseshell. Other alternatives had come and gone, but tortoiseshell provided the best combination of tonal sound and physical flexibility for plucking a taut string. Prior to the 1920s most guitar players used thumb and finger picks (used for the banjo or mandolin) when looking for something to play their guitar with, but with the rise of musician Nick Lucas, the use of a flat “plectrum style guitar pick” became popular.

Text description Approximate thickness Other possible marks
mm inch
Extra light/thin ≤ 0.44 ≤ 0.017 “Ex Lite” or “Extra Light”
Light/thin 0.45–0.69 0.018–0.027 “T” or “Thin” / “L” or “Light”
Medium 0.70–0.84 0.028–0.033 “M” or “Medium”
Heavy/thick 0.85–1.20 0.035–0.047 “H” or “Heavy”
Extra heavy/thick ≥ 1.50 ≥ 0.060 “XH” or “Extra Heavy”




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