Commercial audio sound systems refer to any professional speaker system permanently installed into a venue and can include anything from bar, restaurant, school, club sound systems through to large scale outdoor stadia installations.

To cater for the breadth of applications, Audio shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics offers a full suite of award winning pro audio loudspeakers including ceiling speakers, wall mounted speakers, line array systems, subwoofers, including  a range of amplifiers, processors and controllers.

Audio system is considered a crucial factor while designing any interiors of the venues such as Hotel, School, Mosque, Church, Restaurants or Home. Audio for commercial locations drastically defers from the audio for home hence using the home audio sound systems in commercial area is not an ideal option.  Hence, we have gathered this information for you to be able to make a wise decision while choosing the right audio system for commercial venues.

Commercial Audio

There are 3 main components for the commercial Audio sound systems. A Mixer, Ampflier, and Speakers. Mixer will be used for inputting any audio source to an Ampflier however these days, some of the Ampflier come with the built-in mixer.  An Ampflier is one of the vital components which you need to pay attention while choosing the system, the right calculation of total power needed for the speakers should be decided in advance.

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Best Brands of Commercial Audio Systems

There are many audio and sound system brands that produces the commercial Audio Systems. All of them usages the same basics when it comes to design and features. However there are some of the best brands in the world which products great quality commercial Audio Systems and that are widely used throughout the world. We are outlining here the best brands of Audio systems that are selected based on our sales data and customer feedback as well as our own experience. 


JBL® Commercial Series, a dynamic blend of the best HARMAN brands, knows for any business, the audio system is essential to keeping your customers informed and captivated.

Leveraging the expertise honed by years of precision sound reproduction and technical innovation by JBL and other HARMAN brands, JBL Commercial crafts top-quality components to offer you high-performance yet affordable sound systems.

By providing a premium listening experience for decades in everything from large arenas to private homes, JBL is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the audio industry. Capitalizing on JBL’s legendary achievements in audio engineering and technology enables JBL Commercial to set new standards in sound.

That means you’ll find that our integrated array of mixer-amplifiers, amps, mixers, speakers, microphones, and wall controllers delivers precise, reliable sound in any commercial application, from soothing spas to bustling bars.

As your single-brand source, JBL Commercial Series simplifies the search for high-performance, comprehensive and versatile audio solutions for your business.


Give guests an experience that stays with them with Bose Commercial Audio System. Lobby door to dance floor, conference call to pool-side party, our solutions are at your service.

Whether your guests have arrived for important meetings, a lavish event, to unwind a bit — or all of the above — it’s important to deliver in every detail. That’s why our audio solutions are made to enhance each guest’s journey from the moment they step through your door.

A seamless guest experience
It’s about your property’s atmosphere; how great audio enables greater connection. Between staff and guests. Between conference presenters and their audience, ensuring the message connects, crystal clear. Or how the bar transforms from a daytime retreat to electrifying nighttime experience.

Easier operation for your staff
Your staff should be focused on guests, not learning or troubleshooting audio equipment. Our business music systems provide a better experience for your employees too — with intuitive controls and smart, automated settings tailored to your needs.

Flexible options for any space
Meeting rooms that can be easily configured to your guests’ needs. Portable PAs that are simple to setup and operate at a moment’s notice. Offering a consistent and flexible A/V experience across spaces and rooms is essential, and we have the proven solutions to accomplish just that.

YAMAHA – The Sound Business Choice

Yamaha Commercial AudioHave you ever wished there was an easy way to improve the sound quality of background music, speech and announcements that fill the spaces you spend time in?

Like lighting and aroma, sound has a huge impact on the mood of any room. Creating a high-quality sonic environment not only makes the space more pleasant, but it can also have a positive influence on per-customer spending and repeat business.

As sound professionals, we at Yamaha are dedicated to helping our customers create the most appealing, effective sonic environments for their needs. Commercial Installation Solutions was established just for that purpose, offering the most elegant, convenient sound systems available for commercial and public spaces.

Yamaha has more than a century of experience in musical instrument manufacture, plus extensive experience in processing and delivering sound. Industry-leading electronics technologies developed at our own R&D centers are used and highly valued by distinguished engineers in professional audio and broadcast applications worldwide. That same background and dedication is behind the system solutions we offer for commercial installations, giving our customers sound that is ideally tailored to their individual needs.


RCF LogoRCF BUSINESS MUSIC offers a complete range of products to design audio systems for background and foreground music in public spaces. High audio quality and a flexible architecture, allowing the distribution of different audio programs in multiple environments, each with specific acoustic requirements. From small to large systems, the RCF Business Music provides the smartest solution, blending uncompromised sound quality, full processing features, exceptional power, easy configuration, and high scalability.

Combining modern design, on-board processing, and RCF sound quality to deliver an excellent audio experience.
The application range is extensive and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general to any A/V application.


RCF Commercial Audio Applications:

Small shopBackground music in a small area such as a beauty salon and similar.
Large retail shop: Background music in a large retail shop.
Meeting roomsMultimedia application in a meeting room or a corporate space.
Bars and pubs – Sound reinforcement in a bar/pub with two rooms and two music programs.

CLOUD AUDIO – An cloud Audio Solution 

Cloud Electronics Limited has become the UK’s leading specialist in Paging, Zone-routing, Amplification and Mixer-Amplifiers for all types of commercial and domestic installations, such as Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Fitness. Cloud is indisputably the most trusted brand in its sector with over 35 years of outstanding and proven heritage.

TOA – Sound Systems for Commercial Facilities

toaTOA Corporation, Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment and security equipment. Since its founding in 1934, in Kobe, Japan, it has become one of the top manufacturers of sound systems for commercial facilities. The company is dedicated to creating safe, dependable, and comfortable listening environments in the various kinds of places where people gather.

 TOA currently operates both in Japan and overseas and they are sending products to over 150 countries worldwide with manufacturing facilities found in most major market areas. These facilities have an excellent reputation for precision design and fabrication. The corporate creed of TOA is, “We Supply Sound, Not Equipment”.