Reloop was founded in 1996 by a young group of music technology experts. Today they offer a comprehensive range of innovative DJ and studio products including controllers, turntables, mixers and more. Their products are passionately designed and developed for DJs, by DJs and give artists the ability to express themselves through music.

Reloop artists all over the world use our equipment when performing at the club or on stage. Their development team is backed by numerous DJs, producers and sound engineers who are inspired by fresh ideas every day. Together they create innovative technology to enrich the DJ community. .

Reloop is a new generation of DJ equipment. Unlike other brands which started as manufacturers of general electronics, hifi components, or other audio products, Reloop was been built by DJs for DJs since 1996. Based in Münster, Germany, the company became popular in Europe for its signature German reliability and design.

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