Pioneer VM-50-W Active Monitor Speaker (White)

VM-50-W Active Monitor Speaker (White) – Clear, accurate sound across all frequencies with fast response for DJing and making music.

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With flexible DSP settings, Pioneer VM-50-W Speaker White can be tuned to suit the characteristics of a room, so they’re perfect for recreating a club sound when DJing or making music at home or in a studio.

5.25″ (133 mm) ARAMID CONE – 107 dB – Class D Amplifier with DSP.

The Pioneer VM-50-W Speaker White produce clear audio with fast-attacking, punchy bass. And, thanks to flexible DSP settings, the speakers can be tuned to suit the characteristics of a room, making them perfect for recreating a club sound when you’re DJing or providing a flat frequency response when you’re producing music in a home or professional studio setting.

The VM-50-W includes high-quality components and innovative features to deliver pure audio. With flat voicing, Class D amplifiers, and Aramid fiber cones, the VM-50-W accurately reproduce sounds from their original sources, including deep low-end frequencies thanks to the Vortex Bass Accelerator. The fresh design of the 4-mm-thick aluminum front baffle not only looks slick, but also helps to cut out unwanted vibrations. And, thanks to DSP control, you can easily tune the speakers to the room you use them in. Whether you’re working in a compact space at home or a larger, professional studio, you can choose from 16 EQ settings to find the perfect sound for the room.

Pioneer VM-50-W Speaker White Key Features:

High-quality components
Each model in the VM speaker series includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction with low distortion and a high-energy sound. And the 4-mm-thick rigid aluminum front baffle suppresses resonance and reduces vibrations.

Aramid fiber woofer cones
From min to max volume, Aramid fiber woofer cones provide outstanding punch in the bass and low-mid frequencies.

Vortex Bass Accelerator
The Vortex Bass Accelerator ensures that low-end audio is tight and free from unwanted vibrations, as ribs in the bass reflex port enable air to flow freely from the speaker to deliver pure sound for vocals and instrumentals.

Constant directivity horn
Mid and high frequencies are delivered with power thanks to the constant directivity horn, which also creates a broad, uniform listening space. The shape of the horn and the woofer edge are designed so the flat playback frequency crosses over to the tweeter easily for a natural sound.

DSP control
To help DJs and producers find the perfect sound, each VM speaker includes DSP settings. The Low and High EQ knobs on the rear panel have 4 options each, giving 16 possible EQ settings that are simple to engage. It’s easy to choose the one that sounds best for DJing or producing music in any home or studio, whatever the shape, size, and construction of the room.

Fresh, professional design
The design of the hexagonal aluminum front baffle brings a fresh look, as well as improved sound quality and durability. Alumite-treated brushed texture gives the speakers a professional finish so they look right at home next to Pioneer DJ gear.

Pioneer VM-50-W Active Monitor Speaker (White)

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