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Wireless headphones, sometimes called cordless headphones, are small electronic speakers that a user can wear close to his or her ears to listen to sounds provided by a device but that are not connected to the device by wires. The sounds typically are transmitted from a device, such as a digital music player or smartphone, to the headphones using radio frequency waves. Some early versions transmitted the sounds using infrared signals. The headphones can be as large as padded cups that cover the ears or as small as earbuds that fit snugly into the ear canals. Wireless headphones can receive signals up to a certain distance away from the source device — usually at least 100 feet (30.5 m).

Many people use wireless headphones with small devices that are somewhere on their bodies, such as clipped to their belts or held in their pockets or special holders that were designed for the devices. It can be convenient at times, however, for a device to be placed somewhere nearby instead. This can allow the user to move around more freely or perform activities that might damage the device. He or she also can move to other rooms, if necessary, as long as the headphones’ range is not exceeded. Wireless headphones also can be used with large source devices, such as video game consoles or stereo systems, that cannot practically be moved with the user from place to place.
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