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An effects processor, or FX processor, is a digital device that changes the signal of an electric guitar to add special effects. It is usually used as a preamp device that sends the processed signal to the guitar’s amplifier, but an effects processor can also be built into a personal headphone amp. Though some amplifiers can create effects like overdrive, distortion, echo, tremolo and reverb, in most cases the effect must be “dialed” manually. In a live show a guitarist must switch from one effect to another in the course of a beat. While some amps provide a remote foot pedal, a digital processor can change between several effects instantly with the stomp of a foot.

Effects processors add depth and texture to your vocals, instruments, and more. Bring your mix to life. Our effects processors add depth and texture to your vocals, instruments, and more. From reverbs to delays, each unit is designed to help your music stand out.

A programmable effects processor can produce from dozens to over 100 special effects. It might include up to three or more pedals, and the guitarist can cycle through the “digital patches” silently by depressing a pedal while watching a LED screen. Utilizing “user patches” to copy needed effects, the processor can be programmed in advance to store desired effects near each other.

Audio Shop Dubai offers various model of effects processor at the best price in UAE. We have effects processor from Ahuja, Behringer,  Boss, Roland and Many More. Select your choice to buy best effects processor in UAE.

effects processer

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Effect Processor


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