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Denon SC6000 – Flagship DJ Player by Denon DJ

Denon DJ SC6000

Denon SC6000 has been a talk of town in recent days due to its great features that no any other DJ Gear manufactures has produced so far. On the other hand, Pioneer has also recently launched its flagship player CDJ 3000 Nexus which is being considered as the rival of Denon DJ SC6000. Many reviews have started to come up for both DJ Players from various parts of the world however it’s yet to land in UAE.

Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics will keep our customer posted as soon as the SC6000 lands to UAE. We are discussing in this article about some of the great features about SC6000.

Below is the list of some of coolest new features of this flagship player from Denon DJ.

  • Dual Layer – It can play 2 songs in a single player.
  • Online Streaming WIFI Capability (Tidal / Beatport / Beatsource / Dropbox).
  • 10.1-inch multi touch screen.
  • 8.5-inch Jogwheel.
  • 8 multi- function performance pads (Hot cue / Loop / Roll / Slicer)
  • 3 USB + 1 SD + Infernal Hard disk Bay.

Denon DJ has really put its effort to build this massive player with great features that are very essentials for the DJs. These features are unbeatable yet from its rivals. It features best in Class Timestretch, Open Format, cross-BPM DJing perfection.  Artifact free, sonically perfect audio reproduction, for pitchlocked, extreme track tempo changes.

Denon SC6000

The best of all features is that you are now able to access your favorite streaming account via WIFI. 3 x USB and 1 x SD media inputs with built-in internal HDD bay gives you the possibility of endless music storage for more than enough songs for your performance.

Denon DJ SC6000

You can imagine of endless possibilities with this new DJ Player by Denon DJ. No matter you are performing for yourself or for the crowd in the event / club, you will feel proud of the gear which you are playing with Denon DJ SC6000. Call us today to book one for you

Denon DJ SC6000

Here is the video of the Denon DJ SC6000. Sound Town Electronics will always be ready to answer any of your questions about Denon DJ products in UAE. Please pass by our shop located in Deira Fish Roundabout and we can have a detailed discussion and clarify any of your doubt related to the this Player. Don’t worry, we will offer you a cup of coffee whenever you pass by our shop 🙂 Happy DJing..

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  1. UAE DJ says:

    Nice article. These DJ consoles have all the advantage that DJs can utilize to not just play music but actually interact with it without adding more gears plus the competitive price. Looking forward on the stocks in the UAE.

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