Softube was chosen by Marshall as its exclusive software partner because their founders know this. With truly exquisite music technology, it’s not enough to merely approximate the sound and function in the software. You have to go deeper. Strive for perfect accuracy, perfect workflow, perfect sound.

Snapshot methods of modeling used to be commonplace in the pro audio industry. Softube doesn’t settle for common; they go for extraordinary. They chose to push the envelope of component-level modeling of analog systems, taking hardware apart and putting it back together in code and at the highest resolution possible.

It’s because of this dogged pursuit of purity that the most respected brands in pro audio trust them with official software versions of their most iconic products. Whether it’s Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Buchla, Abbey Road Studios, Trident, Drawmer, or Chandler Limited, designers of the best-sounding gear of all time know that Softube is sound quality.

Softube continues to lead the industry with highly-reviewed, award-winning plug-ins and integrated hardware/software systems that make computer-based studios as intuitive, inspiring, and effective as possible. Perhaps it says it all that legendary, multi-Grammy winning mix engineer Michael Brauer describes the Console 1 system as “the centerpiece” of his hybrid mix setup.

And they never stop innovating. In recent years, they’ve taken their best-in-class technology to instruments, modeling Eurorack synth modules in the Modular plug-in platform and developing new and exciting synths for the modern music maker.

For the future of Softube and the future of sound quality in computer-based music-making, the path forward is the same.

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