Saramonic,a professional sound equipment solution company which focus on producing for audio adapters, microphones, portable recorders. Our products line mainly for:

Audio adapters that allow customers to connect professional audio recording equipment and microphones to their DSLR cameras and camcorders ,and create more beautiful and smooth sound.

High-end microphones (including wired microphones and wireless microphones) for DSLR camera, DV camcorders. Efficient management team, strong R&D and professional quality management system provide you with the most professional products and services.

Now smartphone video is more and more popular, Saramonic creates many devises to increase the audio quality for smartphone video, such as Smart Mixer, SmartMic, SmartRig, also the audio gears for iOS lightning, Android Type C.

To provide more audio solution, we design many kinds of audio accessories like lavalier microphones, connect cables, furry outdoor microphone windscreen to support Saramonic main products line.

Buy Saramonic, best musical instruments in UAE from Sound Town Electronics at the best price. Please give us a call or message us if you want to know more about  Saramonic, products and for any supports required. You may choose from below listed products as per your requirement.

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