IK Multimedia is an international music technology company directly operating in the US, UK, Japan and Italy. Founded in Modena, Italy in 1996, it now operates worldwide with offices in Italy, the US and the UK. The company’s best known for products made for music production, creation, live performance and has also expanded to various music segments. The most notable in recent years are their apps and accessories for Apple’s iOS platform using Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In 1998 IK released its first product called GrooveMaker,a loop station software package, while an analogous desktop masterer called T-RackS was released in 1999

SampleTankis a plug-in station, which was launched in 2001. AmpliTube is a guitar amplifier released in 2002 that contains guitar effects. A new version of SampleTank was released, including as an enhancement a resampling engine that enables the user to independently modify time/tuning/format and sound test parameters.

AmpliTube 2 was released in 2005 with several improvements over the previous version, both in terms of modeling methods and also in the number of amplifiers and effects modeled. AmpliTube 2 was the basis of subsequent products such as Ampeg SVX (modeling amperage for bass amplifiers), AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix (which contains amplifiers and effect pedals used by the famous guitarist) and AmpliTube Metal (entirely dedicated to heavy metal)

AmpliTube Fender,the first Fender software for approved licensed amplifiers and effects was released. StealthPedal, the first interface/controller in a Wah effects pedal enclosure with full integration to the AmpliTube product line for real time and live use.

iRig was the first interface for bass and guitar, and AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod Touch the first amp and effects system for iOS quickly reached over a million downloads. It was quickly followed by AmpliTube for iPad, AmpliTube Fender for iPhone/iPod Touch and AmpliTube Fender iPad.

iRig Mic started as the first portable microphone for iOS devices followed by its VocaLiveapp, the first professional iOSvoice app. AmpliTube Custom Shop, The first store integrated into a plug-in. It gave her the opportunity to buy new models within the same AmpliTube.

iRig Keys, iRig MIX and DJ Rig helped IK Multimedia enter the world of music producers and DJs. Providing studio-quality pianos and electric pianos for iOSplatform devices. New iRig brand products such as iRig Mic Cast, iRig STOMP and iRig PRE have been used by professional musicians and photographers to connect microphones within their mobile devices.

iRig HD,is the first digital interface for iOS devices later became compatible with Macbook and iMac. Just a few months later iRig Pro (broken link available at Internet Archive;see history,first and last version), it was released with an XLR connector with MIDI input and a 1/4″ jack. iKlip was updated to be compatible with new iPad models and was named as iKlip2.

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IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface for iOS, Mac and PC

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iLoud Micro Monitor Ultra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

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iRig Mic Studio Compact digital microphone for iOS, Mac, PC & Android

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iLoud MTM Studio monitoring re-invented

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IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal Amplifier

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iRig Pro Duo I/O 2-channel Mobile Audio/MIDI Interface

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iRig Keys 37 PRO USB MIDI controller for Mac/PC

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iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite

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IK Multimedia iRig USB – USB-C Guitar & Bass Interface

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IK Multimedia iRig Stream SOLO Audio Interface

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IK Multimedia iRig 2 Portable Guitar Audio Interface

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IK Multimedia iRig Pre 2 XLR microphone interface for iOS and Android

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SKU: iRig Pre 2