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Shure Wireless Microphone

Shure Wireless Microphone

Shure Wireless Microphone is considered to be one of the best wireless microphones in the world. Shure microphones are known for its quality and reliability. Whether you used for the live vocal performance on the stage or voice recording in a studio, Shure will the microphone that suit your requirements in an affordable budget.

Shure wireless microphone comes with single mic set, dual mic set and also wireless in ear monitoring. There are two main components to every wireless microphone setup. One is a transmitter, which the performer usually wears or holds. The second part is a receiver, that collect radio signals from the transmitter, and convert them in to audio, and then send the audio through a cable to the mixer or power amplifier.

The package includes a transmitter, receiver, a power supply for the receiver, and batteries for the transmitters, and a user guide and have a simple set up. In dual set you can use a single receiver for both transmitters.

Modern performances such as concerts, business presentations, houses of worship, events, depend heavily on wireless microphone equipment. Pastors, journalists, vloggers, and fitness instructors all depends on wireless microphone for their daily work.

Professionals from all across the world, including sound engineers, live performers, broadcast producers, and public speakers, depends on Shure to achieve high standards.

Below are the Shure’s most popular wireless microphone systems and also affordable one.

Shure BLX Series

  • Quality microphone from Shure at affordable price.
  • It includes Shure BLX24UK/PG58X, Shure BLX24UK/SM58X, BLX14UK/P31X, BLX288/PG58 and more.
  • Operates at a distance of 300” between the receiver and wireless microphones to avoid dropouts in midsize sanctuaries.
  • Deliver 14 hours of operation on two AA batteries.

GLX-D Advanced Series

  • Easy setup
  • Operates at a distance of 200” between the receiver and wireless microphone under ideal conditions.
  • Allows 11.5 hours of continuous use right out of the box.

SLX-D Series

  • Transmitter and receiver were paired easily.
  • Available in single and dual channel receivers for every linked system
  • Operates at a distance of 328’ between the receiver and wireless microphone.

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