RCF NXL 44-A Active 2-way array system

With the NXL44-A, RCF has provided a unique and powerful two-way line source, with the sound delivered from three 10″ neodymium woofers and a 1.4″ driver with 3″ voice coil on a asymmetrical waveguide. All are perfectly tuned to deliver remarkably uniform coverage and an extended frequency range. Precision controlled by an on-board DSP and driven by a two-channel digital amp, the NXL44-A delivers very natural sounding response and high SPL for professional live sound reinforcement.

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  • Digital bi-amped amplifier with 1400 Watt peak power
  • 90 deg. x 30 deg. directivity (+5 deg. , -25 deg. )
  • 3 x 10″ neo woofer
  • 1.4″ compression neo driver, 3.0″ voice coil with a waveguide
  • DSP Processing with optimized phase response
  • Scalable
  • Easy to fly and install with built-in rigging points

RCF NXL 44-A Active 2-way array system


Unique Features
Sleek low-profile designTrue line source with extended reachAsymmetrical horn for optimized coverage. Much greater intelligibility than spherical sourcesFar more uniform SPL across the audience area.

High Performance
The advanced technology of RCF’s powered line arrays has been delighting audiences and users for many years. Paired with state-of-the-art DSP-driven controllers and digital power amps, these systems raise the bar for reliability and performance. There are many situations where users wish they had a sound system that combines the benefits of line array technology – higher levels of direct rather than reflected sound, greater range and more uniform distribution – with the handling ease of two-way cabinets.

Maximum Efficiency
The NXL44-A is a true active high-power ready-to-use two-way array system, equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL, while reducing energy requirements. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier and, thanks to its compact size, the space requirement is reduced to the minimum.

DSP Processing & Amplifier
The NXL 44-A is powered by a 1400W peak power digital amplifier, split 400W for the HF and 1000W for the LF. A new generation DSP handles all the processing within the cabinet and allows adjustment for a single column application or HF close coupling application.

Input / Link
MAIN XLR INPUT (BAL/UNBAL). The system accept female XLR input connectors and line level signals from a mixing console or other signal source. LINK XLR OUTPUT. The output XLR male connector provides a loop trough for speakers daisy chaining.

Volume Knob
Controls the volume of the power amplifier. The control ranges from – (maximum attenuation) to the MAX level (maximum output).

Status Indicators Power Indicator
Power on indicator. When the power cord is connected and the power switch is turned on this indicator lights green.

Signal Indicator
The signal indicator lights green if there is signal present on the main XLR input.

Limiter Indicator
The amplifier has a built in limiter circuit to prevent clipping of the amplifiers or overdriving the transducers. When the peak clipping circuit is active the LED blinks orange. It is okay if the limit LED blinks occasionally. If the LED blinks frequently or lights continuously, turn down the signal level. The amplifier has a built in RMS limiter. If the RMS limiter is active the LED lights red. The RMS limiter has the purpose to prevent damages the transducers. The speaker shall never be used with the limit indicator red, continuous operation with the RMS protection active can cause damages to the speaker.

EQ Switch
“Boost” equalization is a loudness recommended for background music applications, when the system plays at a low level or when two systems are coupled. For all other applications “Flat” equalization is recommended.

Mic/line Switch
A useful Mic/Line switch to adjust the input sensitivity is provided. When used just for speech, the Mic setting allows to use a microphone directly with the speaker. Set the selector to Line when using the speaker for live music or playback.

AC Panel

AC Powercon Receptacle
The NX L44-A uses a POWERCON locking 3-pole AC mains. Always use the specific power cord provided in the package.

AC Powercon Link Receptacle
Use this receptacle to link one or more units. Always make sure that the maximum current requirement does not exceed the maximum admitted POWERCON current. In case of doubt call the closest RCF SERVICE CENTRE.

Power Main Switch
The power switch turns the AC power ON and OFF. Make sure that the VOLUME is set to – when you turn on the speaker.

Low Frequencies
The NXL44-A woofers are 10″ neodymium mid-basses with an excellent linearity, good efficiency and high power handling capabilities. The 2.5″ voice coil combined with a high strength fiberglass former allows high efficiency and good frequency response extension. The M-roll surround shape and combined spider design offer good linear displacement and precise low frequency reproduction.

Edge Wound Voice Coils
Edge wound voice coils f ensuring the best linear frequency response and maximum SPL output.

High Frequencies
The NXL 44-A driver is a high performance 3-inch diaphragm with a 1.4-inch exit throat featuring the smallest size of the art technology. The diaphragm is precision formed from pure titanium. The voice coil assembly is designed for high temperature and it is joined to the diaphragm by RCF proprietary Direct Drive technology.

Pure Titanium Diaphragm
RCF has developed an oxygen-free process of moulding pure titanium ultra thin films in high quality, finely controlled shaped diaphragms. Their process offers superior sonic quality, extended to the highest audible frequencies which guarantee consistent power handling and reliability.

Inside/outside Voice Coils
RCF has developed a unique voice coil, combining the advantages of inside/outside technology to the superior quality of polyimide materials (wire resins and former resins). The inside/outside coil offers many advantages: – the dissipation surface is doubled – the adhesion area to the former is doubled – during thermal expansion the former is squeezed between inside and outside layers offering the best mechanical resistance.

Specific Designed Waveguide
At the core of NXL44-A design is the new ND 840 compression driver loaded from a waveguide to a constant directivity 90 deg. x 30 deg. horn. The ND 840 large format compression driver is one of the key advantages of the NXL 44-A, the 3.0″ voice coil allows a crossover point of 800Hz and therefore almost all of the vocal range can be produced by this driver.

Superior Directivity Control
This HF horn design allows two NXL44-A to be cascaded to create a stacked array. This provides excellent control over directivity even in challenging acoustical surroundings and markedly increases the range. With convenient additions such as fixed points for rigging hardware, the NXL44-A is not only easy to handle, but also to fly and install.

Superior Intelligibility
Thanks to the large format compression driver on a wave-guide, the NX L44-A offers superior intelligibility over distance f far greater than spherical sources.

Competitors’ Array
The RCF NX L44-A will maintain its intelligibility, definition and signal strength while competitors’ models will attenuate and break up before the sound reaches its throw distance.




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