Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Welcome to Audio Shop by Sound Town Electronics! Introducing the Nord Lead A1, an Analog Modeling Synthesizer that combines powerful sound-shaping capabilities with an intuitive interface. Perfect for both studio production and live performance, the Nord Lead A1 offers a unique blend of analog warmth and digital precision, making it a must-have for any serious musician or producer.

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Key Features

1. Analog Modeling Technology

The Nord Lead A1 uses advanced analog modeling technology to recreate the warmth and richness of classic analog synthesizers. This technology allows for a wide range of sonic possibilities, from fat basses and searing leads to lush pads and intricate soundscapes.

2. Simplified Interface

The streamlined interface of the Lead A1 is designed to enhance creativity and workflow. With a focus on hands-on control, the intuitive layout makes it easy to tweak parameters and shape your sound quickly, without getting lost in complex menus.

3. Oscillator Configuration Shortcuts

The innovative oscillator configuration shortcuts allow you to create complex oscillator combinations with just a few button presses. This feature makes it easier than ever to experiment with different waveforms and modulation settings, opening up new avenues for sound design.

4. Four-Part Multi-Timbral Capability

With four-part multi-timbral capability, the Nord Lead A1 can play up to four different sounds simultaneously. This feature is perfect for layering sounds, creating rich textures, and performing complex arrangements, all within a single synthesizer.

5. Extensive Modulation Options

The Lead A1 offers a comprehensive set of modulation options, including LFOs, envelopes, and a flexible modulation matrix. These tools allow you to create dynamic and evolving sounds, adding movement and interest to your patches.

6. High-Quality Effects

Enhance your sounds with the onboard high-quality effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, and more. These effects can be easily applied and adjusted, adding depth and character to your soundscapes.

7. Performance Mode

The Performance Mode allows you to create and save complex performance setups, with up to four layers of sounds, splits, and effects. This feature is ideal for live performers who need instant access to different sounds and configurations during a performance.

8. Arpeggiator and Pattern Generator

The built-in arpeggiator and pattern generator provide additional creative tools for composing and performing. These features can be synchronized with external MIDI gear, making the Lead A1 a versatile addition to any setup.

9. Robust Build Quality

Built with the quality and durability that Nord is known for, the Lead A1 features a sturdy metal chassis and high-quality components. This ensures reliable performance, whether you’re in the studio or on stage.

10. Compact and Portable Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the Nord Lead A1 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Its portable design makes it an excellent choice for musicians on the go.


The Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer is a versatile and powerful instrument that offers exceptional sound quality and intuitive control. Whether you’re a professional producer, a live performer, or an aspiring musician, the Lead A1 is designed to meet your creative needs and inspire your musical journey.

Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

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