Electro-Voice EVERSE 12 Weatherized Battery-Powered Loudspeaker

Welcome to Audio Shop By Sound Town Electronics! We are proud to introduce the Electro-Voice EVERSE 12, a cutting-edge weatherized battery-powered loudspeaker with Bluetooth audio and control. This remarkable loudspeaker combines Electro-Voice’s renowned audio quality with rugged durability and advanced wireless features, making it the perfect choice for outdoor events, performances, and on-the-go entertainment. Discover the key features that make the EVERSE 12 an essential addition to your audio setup.

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Product Description

The Electro-Voice EVERSE 12 is designed to deliver high-fidelity sound in any environment, thanks to its weather-resistant construction and powerful battery. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor concert, organizing a community event, or enjoying a picnic with friends, the EVERSE 12 provides exceptional audio performance and convenience. Its integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music wirelessly from any compatible device, while the intuitive control interface ensures easy operation.

This loudspeaker is built to withstand the elements, with a durable, weatherized enclosure that protects against rain, dust, and extreme temperatures. The long-lasting battery ensures hours of continuous playback, making it ideal for extended use in any setting.

Key Features

  1. Weatherized Design: The EVERSE 12 features a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure that protects against moisture, dust, and temperature extremes. This ensures reliable performance in a variety of outdoor conditions.
  2. Battery-Powered Operation: Equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, the EVERSE 12 provides up to 12 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. This makes it perfect for events where power outlets are not readily available.
  3. Bluetooth Audio Streaming: The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Enjoy the convenience of wireless audio with a stable and reliable connection.
  4. Advanced Control Interface: The user-friendly control panel features easy-to-access buttons for power, volume, Bluetooth pairing, and playback control. The intuitive design makes it simple to adjust settings and control your music.
  5. High-Quality Sound: The EVERSE 12 delivers powerful, crystal-clear audio with deep bass, detailed mids, and sparkling highs. Its high-efficiency transducers and sophisticated audio processing ensure an immersive listening experience.
  6. Multiple Input Options: In addition to Bluetooth, the EVERSE 12 includes XLR/TRS combo inputs, an auxiliary input, and a microphone input. This versatility allows you to connect various audio sources and instruments directly to the loudspeaker.
  7. Built-In Mixer: The integrated 3-channel mixer provides flexible sound control with individual channel volume, EQ settings, and reverb effects. This allows you to fine-tune your audio to suit different environments and applications.
  8. Durable and Portable: Designed for portability, the EVERSE 12 features a compact and lightweight design with a convenient carry handle. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of transport and outdoor use.
  9. LED Indicators: The loudspeaker is equipped with LED indicators that provide visual feedback on battery status, connectivity, and other key functions. This helps you stay informed about the loudspeaker’s operation at a glance.
  10. Expandable Sound System: For larger events, you can link multiple EVERSE 12 units together to create a powerful, multi-speaker sound system. This expandability allows you to cover larger areas with high-quality audio.

The Electro-Voice EVERSE 12 Weatherized Battery-Powered Loudspeaker with Bluetooth Audio and Control is a top-tier solution for anyone needing reliable, high-quality sound in outdoor and portable applications. With its durable construction, advanced features, and excellent sound performance, the EVERSE 12 is the perfect companion for any event or adventure. Elevate your outdoor audio experience with the Electro-Voice EVERSE 12, available now at Audio Shop By Sound Town Electronics.





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