Casio CDP-S100 Black + CS46 Stand Digital Pianos

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The CDP-S100 has a decent look, and it comes with a standard black chassis with 3 buttons and a knob, and though the surface has a matte texture so that the fingerprints are less of an issue.

The Casio CDP-S100 is a portable digital piano that is smaller and lighter than most other competing digital pianos and you can carry it around anywhere you want.

The CDP-S100 has a decent look, and it comes with a standard black chassis with 3 buttons and a knob, and though the surface has a matte texture so that the fingerprints are less of an issue.

Music Rest

The CDP-S100 comes with a detachable music rest, It is wide and tall, and you can easily display multiple pages at once. It also has a comb-like stripe to prevent your sheets from sliding down.

The music rest does an excellent job of holding any scorebook or printed sheets.

It is also quite tall that any printed sheet music would not fold over the edge.

My only complaint is that the the music rest does not share the same design style of the piano. It looks out of place.


The CDP-S100 has 2 buttons, and that is the Function and Grand piano. The rest is a power button and volume knob control.

The function button is where you can activate different sounds and effects, and as for the Grand piano, it will immediately default to the grand piano factory sound.

Also, if you press the 2 buttons together, you would activate the factory demo.

What I like about the CDP-S100 is that on the front panel, it has printed text guides above the keys, and it guides you through the process of changing settings.

Even without the manual, it is possible to use the CDP-S100 without any problem.

The Casio also managed to include a numeric keypad-styled input for the metronome tempo, and on top of that, it has a helpful tone that plays whenever you change a setting.

Like for example, when switching between soundsa beep sound indicates that the changes have been made.

Although, the control here is nicely implemented, and the key combinations may seem complicated.

Still, they do make the front panel a lot less cluttered, which is understandable since there aren’t too many features requiring dedicated buttons.


The CDP-S100 comes with a full 88 keyboard simulated ebony/ivory keytops with red velvet at the end of the keys.

As you can see, the keys themselves are plastic and simulated with ivory and ebony, which gives you a subtle grip that reduces the risk of slipping during play.

This isn’t something you can get on most keyboards in this kind price range, so its inclusion is very welcome.

Size And Weight

The dimensions of the CDP-S100 is 52″ (132.2 cm) x 9.1″ (23.2 cm) x 3.9″ (9.9 cm), slimmer than the PX-S1000.

The CDP-S100 is also very light, coming in at 23.1 lbs (10.5 kg).

As you can see the CDP-S100 is very light as you can carry it around anywhere you want.

The CDP-S100 uses an updated version of the AHL sound engine from previous keyboards, delivering up to 4x higher-res stereo audio compared to the previous sound engine.

With the CDP-S100, you will get 10 sounds in total, including 3 Grand Pianos (Standard, Bright, and Mellow), 3 Electric Pianos, 2 Organs (Pipe, and Jazz), 1 String Orchestra variation, 1 Harpsichord.

What I like about the CDP-S100 is that you got all these different sounds like, for example, the standard piano. It is the perfect all-arounder and can handle songs from any genre with its clean, neutral tone.

The mellow piano, however, it has a preset ideal for ballads and backing accompaniments, and lastly, the bright piano covers your jazz and blues needs.

The 3 electric pianos also have a good selection of classic sounds, covering everything from classic Wurlitzers to FM synths.

What surprised me is that the responsiveness of these sounds because once you paly it, it brings out the bite I’d expect from a real, amped-up Wurlitzer.

The same goes for the harpsichord because it emulates a real response to the keys being released.

That Casio CDP-S100 has built-in speakers on such a slim digital piano.

What impresses me is that these are powerful dual 8W speakers.

The speakers are quite powerful for the size and sound excellent, with no distortion, even at max volume, delivering a clean, wide soundscape.

Also, the speakers have front-facing speaker grills, so you will be able to hear a clear tone even when it is not placed close to a wall.

And lastly, the organ sound is very nicely made, and the keys work as organ slides, and the sounds include an authentic emulation of a rotary speaker (albeit unmodifiable).

Essentially, the sound palette on offer is decent enough for practice purposes, with attention given to the piano tones.

All in all, the sounds are suitable and can serve as a valid substitute for beginners who need a digital practice piano.


The CDP-S100 doesn’t have a lot of features, but all the necessities are included.

The CDP-S100’s run on 6AA batteries, so you can use this piano anywhere you want. The batteries give you a full 10+ hours of battery life to enjoy.

The Casio CDP-S100 also has an Audio In (3.5mm) jack. If you want to practice with your music, you can connect your smartphone or music player on that jack.

It also has a 3.5mm (1/8″) mini-jack, where you can plug in your headphone to it.

Not just that, the CDP-S100 also has a USB type B included where you can connect your smartphone or your computer and use it as a MIDI keyboard.


Casio CDP-S100 Black + CS46 Stand Digital Pianos

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