BOSS RC-500 Loop Station

The RC-500 Loop Station builds on the massively popular BOSS RC-30 2-track looper, adding MIDI capability, an animated color LCD, spicier onboard drums, and more stereo record time than you’ll know what to do with. From beatboxers and guitar players to keyboardists and singer/songwriters, if you’re looking for a creative launchpad for writing songs at home and building loops in the live environment, the BOSS RC-500 makes the perfect addition to your setup.

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13 hours of 32-bit stereo record time*

When inspiration strikes, you can count on BOSS’s RC-500 Loop Station to capture those fleeting moments of musical creativity. Loops and overdubs are recorded in flawless 32-bit depth to preserve the full dynamics of your performance without the presence of additional noise or overloading. Whether you’re using the RC-500’s 99 Phrase Memories to generate playback material on the stage or archiving your studio-worthy song ideas for further review and arrangement, the RC-500 delivers the run time and quality you’re searching for.

99 Phrase Memories + USB backup

As anyone with a looper will tell you, those memory slots store up fast. That’s why the BOSS RC-500 gives you not only 99 Phrase Memories for instant recall — each complete with overdubs, Loop FX, and rhythm presets — but USB import/export as well. So when you need to offload loops from your solo acoustic shows to make way for your Eddie Money-tribute sax lines, swapping out files is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Animated color LCD

Traditional loopers leave you in the dark when it comes to loop arrangement. But not the BOSS RC-500 Loop Station. Its animated RGB LCD screen keeps you apprised of beat, measure, and record (red)/playback (green) status. This visual reference lets you interact with loops in powerful new ways.

Battery or wall powered

When you just want a looper you can run into your amp without additional cables, the RC-500 Loop Station’s AA battery support pays off in a major way. Get up to 3-1/2 hours of run time on four AA batteries. Or for more permanent pedalboard setups, run the RC-500 long-term on a standard 9-volt center-negative power supply, such as the Roland PSA-S (not included).

114 built-in drum patterns

When you’re laying down a rhythm part, a backbeat can galvanize your grooves like nothing else. The RC-500 gives you 57 different rhythms tracks, each with A/B variations, which can be auditioned back through your choice of 16 drum kits. Application is simple: tap in a tempo directly on the RC-500 as you create a loop, then just engage the Rhythm On/Off button for instant accompaniment.

Onboard rhythm reverb

Love ambient drums? You can assign the RC-500 Loop Station’s rich onboard digital reverb to rhythm tracks for added depth and dimensionality. Reverb settings can be saved along with kit choice to the RC-500’s 99 Phrase Memories.

MIDI and expression ports

Advanced features that set the RC-500 further apart from its contemporaries include TRS-MIDI in/out jacks (for remote control or beat sync with external devices) and a flexible expression/footswitch port, which can be assigned to any number of the RC-500’s major functions: record start/stop, wet/dry mix, and more. Looking for a 2-track looper pedal with familiar BOSS simplicity? Consider the BOSS RC-500 Loop Station from Sweetwater.

BOSS RC-500 Loop Station Features:

  • Picks up where the 2-channel RC-30 left off
  • Dual independent loop tracks with channel faders and Loop FX
  • Stereo instrument ins and outs for guitarists to keyboardists
  • Microphone input for vocalists and beatboxers
  • 13 hours of stereo record time
  • Flawless 32-bit/44.1kHz quality
  • 99 Phrase Memories, plus USB import/export
  • Animated color LCD shows measure and beat information as well as record/playback status
  • 114 built-in drum patterns (57 + A/B variations) with 16 drum kits and assignable reverb
  • MIDI and expression ports for remote control, external beat sync, record start/stop, and more
  • Runs off 4 AAA batteries or optional power supply (not included)
  • Support footswitches and expression pedals: FS-5U, FS-6, FS-7, FV-500H, FV-500L, EV-30, EV-5




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