Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition

Backed by his 40 years of console design experience, which includes consoles for MCI, Soundcraft, DDA, and Midas, the ASP8024 became a modern classic having provided the foundation for Audient’s leadership in the field of cost-effective, high-quality recording desks.

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Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition Features:

  • World-class Audient mic pres, 56-152 inputs, 14 auxiliary buses, 8 stereo subgroups
  • Variable mix bus
  • John Hardy 990C summing amps
  • 4-band split-able EQ
  • Mix-bus compressor
  • Inline architecture
  • Comprehensive monitor control
  • Monitoring-grade headphone output
  • Modular construction
  • Whisper-quiet power supply
  • Impressive “Black Raven” vintage/modern look

Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition


Audient console mic preamplifiers

Not only is the Audient mic pre renowned for being clean, punchy and musical, it is often regarded as one of the most versatile mic pres available. Its impressive dynamic range enables faithful reproduction of the sound source, with greater realism in the audible range and better blending of instruments, plus just enough color to give the signal some character. The Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition pre is an all-discrete, high-grade op-amp design that delivers low noise, low distortion, and high common mode rejection (CMMR) at all gain levels, which is part of the secret of Audient design. According to designer Dave Dearden, “A successful mic pre doesn’t just have to amplify a low-level signal up to something more usable. It must also be protected against an external attack such as static, phantom power, and radio frequency interference (RFI). This is where component choice is vital, especially the low-noise transistors and even passive elements such as resistors and RFI filters.”

Discrete John Hardy 990C summing amps

The mix-bus summing amplifier on a console, where all signals come together to play nicely is the most crucial part of the console design. Cutting corners here results in what Abbey Road engineers called a “ship fight.” (Imagine a fight breaks among the entire crew of a battleship at sea, leaving no place to escape.) Audient upgraded the Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition’s summing amplifiers to the renowned American John Hardy 990C amplifiers. The 990 discrete op-amp was designed by studio tech legend Deane Jensen in 1979, which continues to be regarded as the finest op-amp available for audio applications.

Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition Retro Iron Variable Mix Bus

Moving through the signal path and coming after the 990C op-amps, the Heritage Edition provides new tonal options with the Retro Iron output card. As David Dearden has stated in his design philosophy, the transparency of Audient enables you to add color as you choose. Thanks to the Retro Iron card, now you don’t have to go outside of the Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition to get it. Before we get into the details lets have a look at Retro Iron’s inspiration.

The “Big Iron” legacy

Two of “the big three” consoles were in service during David’s first few years at Advision; one was a 20-channel desk designed and built by Rupert Neve, the other was a Quad-Eight (for whom Deane Jensen was chief engineer). The Quad-Eight featured Jensen’s AM4 hybrid op-amp (later refined into the 990) and custom transformers built by Ed Reichenbach, who built transformers for Altec Lansing and founded Reichenbach Engineering, the leading maker of transformers for the audio industry in America. Jensen sold Reichenbach transformers as retrofits for the big-name consoles, and later founded his own company, Jensen Transformers by Reichenbach Engineering. (Pay attention, there’ll be a quiz on this later.

Audient ASP8024-HE Heritage Edition Design Inspiration

Now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast: The Neve console was mostly class-A with a weighty low-frequency response from its large iron transformers (hence the phrase, “big iron sound of the ’70s”). The Quad-Eight console, on the other hand, had clean, clear midrange with sparkle and speed, largely running class-A/B with smaller but more transparent steel/nickel transformers.

Audient’s Retro Iron card is inspired by both consoles, combining the best sonic features of each. The discrete class-A/B transistor amplifiers are based upon the Quad-Eight, but with each transistor selected by ear to offer incredible detail, speed and subtle harmonic excitement of 2nd-order distortion.







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