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Acoustic guitar amps are that strange thing: the better the amp, the less you’re aware of it. The end goal for acoustic amplification is total transparency; simply your acoustic guitar, louder.

Acoustic amps tend to be an all-in-one solution for singer-songwriters, allowing you to plug in a microphone and backing track as well as your guitar. They will be loud enough for use in small venues, cafes and pubs. In larger venues they operate like your personal mixing desk, enabling you to dial in your own perfect tone before running via XLR out into the PA.

The industry standard for many years has been the AER Compact 60 but there are many other options including Fishman and Blackstar.

There are a number of battery powered acoustic amps on the market, chief among them the ubiquitous Roland Street Cube. These are ideal for buskers who need their sound to carry far and wide while still having control over their tone.

Acoustic amps are also rewarding for home practice. This is less because of the volume they generate and more because of the opportunity to play with inspiring effects and loopers.

What makes acoustic guitar amps different?

  • All-in-one solution for singer-songwriters
  • Battery powered options for busking
  • Practice and perform with inspiring effects

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Acoustic Guitar Amps