Pioneer Introduces new DJ controller for beginners, DDJ-FLX4

Pioneer Introduces new DJ controller for beginners, DDJ-FLX4

Excited to announce the replacement Model for the famous DDJ-400 the new DDJ-FLX4 which is not only compatible with Rekordbox DJ but also Serato DJ Lite works with both PC and mac. Later-on next year updates to software allows Iphone or Android users to use recordbox mobile app via USB or Bluetooth.

This 2 channel DJ controller is designed for beginners and for casual DJling with a price tag of AED 1399. It includes a variety of new easy to learn features like track mixing and applying expert-level sound effects and more.

The New DDJ-FLX4 comes with a Smart Fader and a Smart CFX, which can smoothly switch between tracks by adjusting the BPM, volume and bass volume automatically. This helps the beginner DJs in getting a feel for mixing and making adjustment while performing. It also has the USB microphone output, so that you can attach the USB cable to the computer, making it easy for you to add your voice on recording or livestreaming. We can also remove the use of Audio Mixer or Sound cards to add vocals to the track.

It has pitch fader jog wheels, two EQ channels with high and low pass filter, hot cue buttons and pioneer’s traditional cue and play/pause button alignment. It has a dark grey color with rounded corners and the jogs are attractive.

Find out more about the new DJ Controller DDJ-FLX4 from Audio shop Dubai.


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