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Pioneer DJ Dubai – Buy Professional DJ Equipment in UAE

Pioneer DJ Dubai

Pioneer DJ equipment is the best among all the DJ Gigs available in the world. There are several companies and brands that produces DJ Equipment such as Numark, Allen & Heath, Traktor, Denon etc. However, Pioneer DJ is the most used and common brand name among the seasoned DJs in Dubai and UAE. Pioneer DJ Dubai products are always available in our store.

Philosophy of Pioneer DJ Company – To innovate, inspire and entertain.

Pioneer DJ with their continuous creative innovation they aim to excite, inspire, and entertain; investing in the passions of the music entertainment community.

Below image shows how they changed the DJing experience and took the DJ world to the next level.

Pioneer DJ Dubai

We at Sound Town Electronics aim to provide quality DJ Equipment to everyone in Dubai & UAE. We offer comprehensive pricing and reliable information who want purchase DJ Gigs. Our technical expert team always exceed the expectation of our online buyers as well as the customer who comes to our store located in Deira Dubai UAE.

Below is the list of pioneer DJ products that are available to purchase in UAE.

Pioneer DJ players:

CDJ-2000NXS2 – Pro-DJ Multi player with High-res Audio Support
CDJ-TOUR1 – TOUR system multi player with fold-out touch screen
CDJ-900NXS – Pro-DJ Multi Player
CDJ-850 – Digital Deck with full scratch jog wheel and Rekordbox support
CDJ-350 – Rekordbox Ready Digital Deck
XDJ-1000MK2 – Rekordbox-ready, digital desk with high-res audio support
DDJ-700 – Rekordbox-ready, compact digital Deck

DJ mixers:

DJM-V10 – 6 Channel Professional DJ Mixer
DJM-Tour 1 – Tour System 4 Channel Digital Mixer Fold- Out Screen
DJM -900NXS2 – 4-Channel Digital Pro DJ Mixer
DJM-S9 – 2-Channel battle mixer for Serato DJ Pro
DJM-750MK2 – 4-Channel Mixer with Club DNA
DJM-450 – 2 Channel Mixer
DJM-350 – 2-Channel Effects Mixer
DJM-250MK2 – 2 Channel Mixer
DJM-S3 – 2-Channel mixer for Serato DJ Pro

DJ controllers:

DDJ-XP2– Add-on controller for Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-1000SRT – 4-Channel performance controller for Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-1000 – The 4-Channel Performance DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ
DDJ-800 – 2-Channel Portable DJ Controller for Rekordbox DJ
DDJ-400 – 2-Channel DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ
DDJ-200 – Smart DJ Controller
DDJ-RZX – Professional 4-channel controller for Rekordbox DJ & Rekordbox video
DDJ-RZ – Flagship 4-channel controller for Rekordbox DJ
DDJ-XP1 – Add-on controller for Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS
DDJ-SZ2 Flagship 4-channel controller for Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-SX3 – 4-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-SR2 – Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-SB3 – 2-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite
DDJ-SP1 – Add-on controller for Serato DJ Pro
DDJ-WEG04 – Compact DJ Software controller

DJ Turntables:

PLX-1000 – High-torque direct drive professional turntable
PLX-500 – High-Torque, direct drive turntable

Pioneer All-in-One DJ System:

XDJ-XZ – Professional all-in-one DJ System
XDJ-RX2 – All-in-one DJ System for Rekordbox
XDJ-RR – All-in-one DJ System for Rekordbox

Pioneer DJ Monitor Speakers:

RM-07 – 6.5-inch professional studio monitor with HD coaxial drivers
RM-05 – 5-inch studio monitor with HD Coaxial drivers
S-DJ80X – 8-inch Active reference Speaker
S-DJ60X – 6-Inch active reference Speaker
S-DJ50X – 5-Inch Active Reference Speaker
DM-40BT – 4-inch Desktop Monitor Speaker
DM-40 – 4-inch compact Active Monitor Speaker

No matter what you are looking to buy, be it a DJ Controller, DJ Mixer, Turntable, DJ Monitor or All-in-One DJ System. We have everything that you need to start rocking the party in UAE. Please select the Pioneer DJ Equipment that you need from the above list and contact us by clicking below what’s app icon. Our technical expert will answer all the concern and queries.

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