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Lava Guitars Dubai

Lava Music – Lava Music is a Music Technology company founded by Zitian Lu in United States in 2013. The Lava Music company innovatively designs and develops musical instruments with new materials and acoustic structures.  The company focused on the integration of technology and art to make the creation of music easier and more enjoyable for people.

Here is a very good news that the people in UAE who loves the best acoustic Guitars will be able to embrace the carbon fiber guitars produced by Lava Music. Audio Shop Dubai has learnt that the brand is entering to UAE and the initiative is taken by Thomsun Trading Est. You will be able to purchase Lava Guitar and Ukulele in UAE from Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics. It has been told that the availability will be made by end of August 2020.

Lava ME 2 and Lava U with various color options are the first LAVA Music Guitar models that are entering to UAE.

Lava music has introduced Lava ME 2 the Super AirSonic Guitar which is made from Carbon Fiber. The AirSonic carbon fiber has a new breakthrough: It has the same weight as the AirSonic, but it’s 20% stronger. Which means it has a higher flexural modulus.

The World’s Leading Unibody Guitar, One-piece injection molded technology makes LAVA ME 2 more comfortable to hold.

What is so special in LAVA ME 2 Guitar?

  • The one-piece injection moulded technology allows us to not only make the shape more comfortable to hold, but also significantly reduce the use of the glue, yet gives the LAVA ME an excellent acoustic performance.
  • Works on all weather conditions. Woods are more likely to deform in different weather conditions. The Super AirSonic carbon fiber material can adapt to temperatures between -20℃ to 60℃. Humidity from 10% to 90%. No matter if you are in desert or a polar area, the LAVA ME 2 always works for you.
  • Ultra portable. The LAVA ME 2 produces a loud, wide range frequency tone with its 36 inches body. It weights just 3.7 pounds. Even lighter than most of the laptops.
  • The FreeBoost Technology on the L2 pickups uses rear surface of the LAVA ME 2 as a speaker. Turn on the pickups anywhere anytime, you can freely play with reverb, delay, chorus without an amp.
  • Introducing the FlyNeck. The geometry shape of flyneck utilize the parametrization theory to design. According to the different force bearing paints above the neck to optimize playing experience. Fretboard shifting and pressing strings are now more comfortable.

Key Features of LAVA U 2 Ukulele

LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Tenor Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable 

  • Riches Up Your Tone: We invented a new way to let the structure to grew by itself. It uses mechanical simulation and algorithm to create a pattern has up to 142 units bionic structure. It also specifically riches up the bass of the instrument, and moves the soundboard in a more organic way.
  • Play with Effects without Plugging In: The FreeBoost technology that lets you change the sound with one finger. The L2 mini developed by LAVA & Double acoustics. It enables you to play with superior sound quality as well the effects like Reverb, Delay & Chorus with or without plugging in. As well the internal mic to receive both a more natural sound and percussive playing.
  • Works on Different Conditions: With our patent pending carbon fiber composited AirSonic, you could now bring your LAVA U to anywhere from desert to Iceland. It’s well adapted from Temperature -4°F to 140°F, Humidity 10% to 90%.
  • Enjoyable Playing Experience: We refined the manufacturing detail of both the neck and fretboard. Every fretboard is CNC machined with a comfortable curve. We’ve also built in an ultra stiff carbon fiber rod inside the neck to improve the stability and sound.
  • Space Case: Specifically designed for LAVA U. Combination of elegant, simplicity and the space-age inspiration. Made with a tough special material and luxurious mould. No compromise on its design, material and craftsmanship.
Lava Music

Stay tuned for further update, we will publish the LAVA Guitars and Ukulele products in our website soon.

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