Since 1990s, the Yorx brand had become synonymous with so-so quality and affordable prices—quite the shift from its glory days in the Carter era. The company did a lot of flailing around, churning out karaoke machines, $29.95 handheld gaming units, and the $99 Model P 1200 triple (yes, triple) cassette deck. Araki was still on board at this point, and apparently doing his darndest to add sexy curves and whatnot to the moldings, but the luster was gone. Yorx was teetering toward the low-end, staring into an abyss then populated by the likes of Tandy.

And teeter Yorx did, right into the clusty hands of Dutch concern Hagemeyer NV in 1994. The company owned such gadgetry gems as the Case Logic and Gran Prix brands at the time, and probably thought it could make a splash by adding Yorx to its high-tech portfolio. Hagemeyer moved Yorx to St. Louis, and pushed it to manufacture such low-end delights as the P1550 boom box (complete with detachable tape deck) and the DM350 mini system with 3-CD changer (considered affordable at $199.99—remember, this is before the rise of jWin). This is right around the time when the word “Yorx” became synonymous with “cheap quality”—as in “Man, LaCie is like the Yorx of external hard disks.”

The next decade or so seems to have been a grim time for Yorx, and there’s little evidence of the brand’s impact during that time.

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