Soundcraft is a British designer and importer of mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment. It is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, which is owned by South Korean company Samsung Electronics. It was founded by sound engineer Phil Dudderidge and electronics designer Graham Blyth in 1973.

Soundcraft first made its mark by manufacturing the Series 1, the first mixing console built into a flight-case.

The Series 1S was introduced in 1975 as an upgraded Series 1. The Series 1S introduced the classic Soundcraft four-band EQ with two sweepable mid-range sections. 

In 1975, Soundcraft introduced the Series 2 console as a live and recording console. The Series 2 began to build Soundcraft’s reputation for quality desks with the classic British sound. The Series 2 launched as a four-bus console, and was later available in an eight-bus version. It was initially offered in 12 and 16 channel versions, and a 24 channel version was later added.

The design used a semi-modular approach with individual channels in separate modules. The master section was made up of echo return, group output, cue master and monitoring modules. The input channels were available in fixed-frequency EQ standard channel and swept EQ versions.

The swept EQ version also allowed switching between microphone input and line input, which was typically attached to a multi-track recorder output.

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Soundcraft GB4 40-channel Analog Mixer

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