With roots that reach all the way back to 1943, ReSound has pioneered the hearing aid industry and delivered a number of hearing industry firsts. ReSound was the first to deliver 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity and the world’s first Made for Apple® hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming.

ReSound is a provider of sound technology specific to audiology. ReSound uses binaural directional technology to develop products that allow users to manage the amplification of external sounds.

In 2013, ReSound partnered with Apple Inc. to develop Made for iPhone hearing aids, allowing users to stream audio directly from their Apple device

In 2017, ReSound launched hearing aids with remote fine-tuning capabilities via the cloud

In 2019, ReSound announced the result of a collaboration with Google and Cochlear Limited to bring direct Android streaming to hearing devices users, using Bluetooth® Low Energy.

In July 2010, ReSound released iSolate Nanotech technology to add a protective nano-scale polymer coating to hearing aids to protect them from moisture, humidity and perspiration.

The ReSound microphone design is engineered to use the natural shape of the ear to improve hearing. Microphone design helps maintain natural and directional localisation cues through microphone placement in the concha cymba area of the pinna.

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