MartinLogan is a Canadian/ US American company producing conventional subwoofer speakers as well as floor-standing, wall-mounted, and in-wall hybrid speakers using electrostatic loudspeaker and planar magnetic thin film loudspeaker technology.

In October 2005 ML was acquired by a subsidiary of Shore View Industries.

On May 13, 2019, Paradigm Electronics in Mississauga Ontario, issued a press release that stated “Scott Bagby and John Bagby announced the purchase of Paradigm Electronics, Anthem Electronics, and MartinLogan Loudspeakers, effective May 10, 2019.”

Scott Bagby, one of the original founders of Paradigm Electronics, will continue as Chairman and will assume the role of CEO. John Bagby, who has always been active in Paradigm daily business, takes on the role of Managing Director.

MartinLogan’s next product began to take form in 1997 in the form of the 2000-pound Statement e2 loudspeaker

The next product was MartinLogan’s first non-electrostatic product. In 2001 the original Descent subwoofer (featuring servo-control and BalancedForce technologies) established MartinLogan as a major player in the growing subwoofer market. Other subwoofer models by MartinLogan include the Descent i, Depth i, Grotto, Abyss and Dynamo.

Discussion of electrostatic speakers and the available technology led Sanders and Sutherland to design and build an electrostatic speaker. Sanders organized a research and development team to transform a design he had tinkered with for more than a decade into a marketable electrostatic transducer.

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