The Aston Family Aston products have been developed by some of the finest technical engineers and craftsmen in the UK, but this alone would not be enough to satisfy their exacting standards, so they turned to 33 of the top producers, engineers and artists in the UK music industry for their ears…

Advances in engineering, technology and design are at the core of Aston’s business. Their products are desirable concept pieces made reality, testing the boundaries of what is technically possible. Using processes and materials unique in the microphone industry, they have instilled their non-conformist, inventive approach into every product they create.

Aston’s microphones and filters are not just exceptionally well-engineered performance instruments, they are works of art which will inspire you to be your best.

Unique, instantly recognizable and absolutely contemporary, the cornerstone of uncompromised approach is Aston’s superb British engineering.

The material specification, mechanical design and craft methodology is simply the best approach for maximizing quality and performance. Simply put, Aston microphones are the perfect fusion of beauty and engineering.

Aston are proud to have achieved the ‘unachievable’ to design and build high quality, hand crafted and affordable microphones in the UK. From the drawing board, through fabrication to final assembly, each Aston microphone is handmade by a team of some of the finest engineering specialists and craftsmen in Britain. The vital essence that these people imbue into each microphone is undeniably present.

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