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The RCF HDL System is composed of HDL 30-A and HDL 50-A, equipped with modern and innovative technology. Each component has been consistently and specially developed by RCF’s experienced engineering teams, with all components carefully matched to each other. This complete integration of all components allows not only superior performance and maximum operational reliability, but also provides users easy handling and plug & play comfort. Besides this important fact, active speakers offer valuable advantages: while passive speakers often need long cable runs, the energy loss due to the cable resistance is a huge factor. This effect is irrelevant in powered speakers where the amplifier is just a couple of centimeters away from the transducer.

An active sound reinforcement system means more than just having amplifiers packed into a speaker housing. The real innovation is when each single component is controlled by individual DSP settings. Scaling a line array is the most important aspect when talking about best performance and coverage. Where passive systems have limits in impedance load or number of amplifier channels, an active RCF sound system is freely scalable and individually controllable. Having an HDL system gives you the freedom to work at many different locations with the same system, merely changing the number of modules.

RCF HDL Series

RCF 12″ Active Flyable Subwoofer (White)

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RCF HDL 28-A White 2200 Watts Two Way Line Array Speaker

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