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Arranger Keyboard is a professional piano app which allows you to play soundfont (Sf2) and KMP (KORG) instruments

Arranger Keyboard has 127 voices including standard GM voices and additional oriental voices. You can load Sf2 and KMP files from your device and use Sf2 and KMP banks.
The piano app has 432 Hz (Hertz) and 440 Hz tuning frequencies. You can set the frequenct from TMP (Tempo, Pitch, Frequency) menu.

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arranger keyboard

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Arranger Keyboard

Roland E-X50 61-key Arranger Keyboard

In stock

Original price was: AED1,836.Current price is: AED1,599.
SKU: E-X50

E-A7 Expandable Arranger

In stock

Original price was: AED5,749.Current price is: AED5,459.

Roland E09IN Indian Edition Interactive Keyboard Arranger

Available on backorder

Original price was: AED2,350.Current price is: AED2,310.

Roland E-09 61 Key Interactive Arranger

Available on backorder

Original price was: AED2,050.Current price is: AED2,018.
SKU: E-09

Roland VR-730 Live Performance Keyboard

Out of stock

Original price was: AED8,394.Current price is: AED8,083.
SKU: VR-730