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Amplification-system is a combination of one or more microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and associated electronic controls; used to increase the level of a sound source so that it may be heard clearly in all parts of an auditorium, large room, open-air theater, etc. Any electronic device that reproduces sound via a speaker requires an amplifier. Any audio system that has a speaker includes amplification. CONSEQUENTLY, any installed audio system has inbuilt amplification, whether it is in a television, interactive whiteboard, AV system, music system etc

Typical amplifier parameters. • Gain, Frequency response, Bandwidth, Input and Output impedance, Phase shift, Feedback. Section 1.2 Class A Biasing. • BJT Common emitter and FET common source biasing. • Emitter, DC and temperature stabilization. • Class A bias. • Common emitter input and output characteristics. Section 1.3 Gain and Decibels

amplification system

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Amplification System

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