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Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 4-channel DJ Performance Controller

Pioneer DJ Announces the DDJ-FLX10, A 4-Channel DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ released new DDJ-FLX10, a 4-channel DJ Controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, which replaces both DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000 SRT which was the recordbox and serato variant of the previous controller. Rekordbox has even used this controller to release their version of stems called Track Separation Technology, which simplifies the performance of mashups on the fly, without arranging songs in advance and it also includes DJ lighting via a built-in DMX socket.

It closely resembles its look and feel from the two DDJ-1000 controllers, however the displays have been updated to show more information. The updated jog wheels have four display modes and colored LED Rings which match the stems you have active, making it easy to keep track of your mixes. The DJs can now program transitions with a new record box compatible link mix mode, which allows DJs to set and mix out and mix in point between two songs and let the software automatically play the next song in time, giving you time control effects or other features.

It is a four-channel software controller and it also functions as a four-channel mixer and can be used with external microphones, turntables and media players. The controller mainly focus on 3 track elements that are crucial to DJing vocals, drums and other instruments.

The new DMX output control lighting and perform automatic light shows with your music plus new USBC connections for your laptop. This performance-based controller has eight different pad modes and a ton of other performance features.

The DDJ FLX10 features the latest generation Magvel Fader perfect for mixing and scratching. There is also FX PART SELECT similar to the FX frequency bands found on the DJM A9 and DJM V10 professional DJ mixers. The FX PART SELECT allows to apply the beat effects on specific stem spots.

Check out Audio Shop Dubai for more details on DDJ-FLX10, which is arriving next week at AED 6999

Pioneer DJ Released New 4 Channel Mixer, DJM-A9

Pioneer DJ Released New 4 Channel Mixer, DJM-A9

Pioneer DJ released a new four channel professional DJ Mixer, the DJM-A49, which is the successor of DJM-900NXS2. DJM-A49 includes new features like, stunning clear sound quality, advanced Beat FX, expanded connectivity, evolved playability, sound color FX with worlds first center lock knob enhanced mic section, expanded connectivity and more. It supports both Rekordbox and Serato.

New channel faders and Magvel fader crossfader have also been added to our new Dj Mixer. Dual independent headphone output, with separate cue button, volume knobs, and mix balance knob for each set of headphones, so two DJs can plug in two headphone inputs simultaneously.

The Channel input section is equipped with 32-bit high quality A/D converter by ESS Technology for crystal-clear, high-resolution sound. High- quality bright LEDs in the channel section makes it easy to get a visual grasp on sound levels. With the increased spacing around the EQ knobs, you can easily twist your fingers and high grade.

You can wirelessly add audio tracks to your sets from other devices like smartphones and utilize all the mixer’s capabilities and effects to adjust the sound by its Bluetooth input and you can route to any channel on the DJM-A9

When you activate the new Center Lock function and use the popular color FX, each knob will stop turning once it is in the middle position. The sound Color knobs function similarly to those on the DJM-900NXS2 when Center Lock is disabled.

Overall, the pioneer DJ DJM-A9 is a powerful and versatile mixer that is perfect for professional DJs who demand the highest quality and flexibility in their performances. Whether you are playing in a club at a festival, or recording in the studio, the DJM-A9 has everything you need to create your best possible sound. So, if you are in the market for a top-of-the-line DJ Mixer, be sure to check out the Pioneer DJ DJM-A9.

Read more in details about DJM-A9. It is expected to arrive in early March.


Boss Releases Expanded Features Katana-50 MKII EX, Katana-Artist MKII Head, and Katana Cabinet 212 Waza.

Boss has extended the entry level Katana 50 MKII, 100-watt katana Artist MKII Head and the Katana Cabinet 212 Waza. Let’s take a close look on these models.

Katana-50 MKII EX has added some features from the higher end Katana Amplifier, and it can be perfect for beginners. Essentially, you are getting the upgraded Katana 50 combo with greater features. It has GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller, So the players can increase the functionality by quickly accessing tones and presets. It is excellent and easy to use in home or in practice room. Boss Tone Studio software offers over 60 different Boss effects, channel and global EQs, configurable routing, and many more features for modifying your sound.

The 100-Watt Katana-Artist MkII Head is the higher version of katana- Artist MkII Combo, it provides five amplified characters with a five different version for 10 combos. It is 100-watt professional amplifier head with improved tone and unique features. More than 60 Boss effects, pre and post EQs, dedicated pedal FX, customize the sound with Boss Tone Studio editor software. Five onboard Air Feel options customize the cabinet emulation. Support for external control through MIDI, footswitches, the GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller and expression pedal.

Katana Cabinet 212 Waza calibrate the Katana-Artist MKII Head. It was created to be the ideal head companion for the katana- Artist MKII Head, which offers the best rock tones in a 2×12 format equipped with unique Waza speakers. You can stack the cabs to run 4×12 and even take out the panel to operate with an open or closed back.

The Boss Katana-50 MkII, Katana- Artist MKII Head, and katana Cabinet 212 waza will be available soon in UAE at Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics.

Neumann Owners Club

Do You Own a Neumann Product?

Join the Neumann Owners Club and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Scan the QR code below, or click the link and register it now to avail additional benefits.

Neumann Owners Club





Exclusive benefits to the Neumann Owners Club membership (Applicable in UAE only)
  • Welcome by Neumann Collectors Merchandise (One merchandise as a welcome gift) and Neumann History magazine
  • Annual Meet- The largest meeting of Neumann owners in UAE
  • Access to the variety of Neumann branded products in the world, including clothes and accessories. Customers can order the merchandise items (owners can contact via club mail ID to inquire about stocks)
  • Technical Support- Useful information and guidance on how to repair products, how and where to service them, and where to find replacement parts.
  • First to learn information on the new product launches, trial and demonstration opportunities available for owners. Special pre-booking options are available to Neumann owners.
  • Direct access to instructions, software updates etc. To acquire access to this system, Register here.
  • Access to Neumann studio rooms and demo rooms throughout UAE
  • Preferential rates on booking Neumann Partner Studio*. Neumann owners can communicate with Sennheiser Middle East directly through this Link

Buy Neumann Microphone in UAE at the best price from Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT

Pioneer DJ Announced Latest DJ Controller DDJ-FLX6-GT

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT is the latest 4-channel DJ Controller from Pioneer DJ, it is the upgraded version of Pioneer DDJ-FLX6, with different color scheme, full-sized pro jogwheels which are same size as those on the flagship CDJ-3000 multi player and more software support.

The arrangement is identical to its predecessor replicating the club-standard CDJ+DJM setup, allowing you to play with ease. However, the graphite hue of the jog and the new matt grey body give it a stylish appearance.

It is compatible with Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro and it has the updated firm ware inside, the hardware hasn’t changed. The existing DDJ-FLX6 owners can upgrade their firmware to get all the features of DDJ-FLX6-GT. It has Serato DJ pro, and also you receive a voucher for Pitch n Time and FX expansion Pack for that software. With the use of soundcard, Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT can be connected to the laptop that is running the software using USB cable, and you can start DJing.

It has new Merge FX Knob that DJ’s can use to switch from one track to another, regardless of BPM or keys. Four presets on virtual DJ or Serato DJ pro and eight on rekordbox can be used with Merge FX. Additionally, you can create your own samples.

Rekordbox has brand new sample scratch pad mode, so that you can select the sounds you have assigned to the sampler and put them into the decks. Therefore, you can scratch with your favorite sounds whether you want to make a live remix of a track or simply add some texture to the music.

DDJ-FLX4-GT will be available soon at Sound Town electronics.

Audio Shop Dubai by Sound Town Electronics offers wide range of DJ products. Feel free to contact us for any enquires. We are here to provide you all information regarding any products you are looking for. Start shopping at Sound Town Electronics at most affordable prices

Warm Audio Microphones Buying Guide

Warm Audio Microphones Buying Guide

Warm Audio is one of the 7 best-selling microphones, based on its renowned designs for the past 70 years. Warm Audio was founded in 2011, its aim is to produce high-quality recording products which is affordable for everyday musicians and recording engineers.

Besides microphone, Warm Audio produces other pro audio equipment such as preamplifier, compressors, and equalizers.

Today Warm Audio microphones are globally used in live music venues, commercial recording studios, home recording studios, broadcasting control rooms, house of worship, as well as live tour and festival sound rigs.

Condenser and Dynamic microphone are the 2 main types of microphones in Warm Audio.

Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphone are commonly used in recording studios and also vocals, acoustic guitars, strings, and percussion. Condenser microphone design attain high level of sensitivity with an extra boost of external power, which can be quite helpful in the studio when you need to capture a signal with nuance. Condensers come in a variety of styles, including tube, and solid stage, large and small diaphragm, massive and tiny.

Dynamic Microphone

The second most typical form of microphone in a recording studio is a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are cheaper and durable than the condenser microphone. They exist in different sizes, shapes and behavioral characteristics. These microphones are mainly used in onstage during live performances and also record loud sources like drums, electric guitars and screaming vocals.

Are Warm Audio Microphones Good?

Warm Audio microphones are extremely good. It is one of the best 7 microphones in the world. Warm Audio helps in providing engineers and musicians a fully professional recording equipment. Warm Audio produces classic analog recording gear, which was the dream of many musicians to own it. In order to build and develop pro audio products, Warm Audio has unique significant technical knowledge and they have strong relationship with top component manufactures, in order to develop high quality equipment.

Best Warm Audio Microphones

  • Wa-87
  • Wa-47
  • Wa-67
  • Wa-251
  • Wa-14
  • Wa-84

Warm Audio Wa-87 R2

Warm Audio Wa-87 R2 is the updated version of Warm Audio’s first microphone and it’s built on one of the most popular designs in audio recording history. You can move from instrument to instrument during tracking by simply keeping the mic on the boom stand. It has a wonderful thickness and top presence, so it can be used for any work. It sounds good on voices and heavy on stereo piano, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars.










Buy Wa-87 R2

Warm Audio WA-47Jr

Every studio needs a large diaphragm condenser microphone of great quality. WA-47Jr microphone is applicable to every situation.  When set up properly, WA-47 have an amazing perform on Drums, Acoustic Guitars, reed instruments, but its’s mainly used for vocal microphone.











Buy WA-47Jr

Warm Audio WA-67

The WA-67 is designed in late sixties, and it’s made in Germany, that captured the lead vocals. It works incredibly well as a Vocal Microphone and it can also be used with drums. WA-67 is excellent at recording, it can immediately become your preferred option for recording vocals, guitars, drums, and overheads, piano, brass and strings.

Warm Audio Microphones









Warm Audio WA-67

Warm Audio WA-251

The WA-251 is based on a German desert-island microphone, offers to female vocals because of its incredibly smooth top end response. It has high frequency smoothness, which makes it ideal for female voices and delicate speech. It works great on drums overheads and guitar cabs, just like all of our tube condenser microphone.

Warm Audio Microphones









Buy WA-251

Warm Audio WA-14

WA-14 is based on the German Microphone from 70’s. which is well known as instrument microphone. This microphone can be used in a variety of applications including, acoustic or electric guitars, bass, drums/ percussion, string / orchestral materials and more. WA-14 offers authenticity and thickness of the vintage microphone at a more reasonable price.

Warm Audio Microphones










Buy WA-14

Warm Audio WA-84

Wa-84 is the only small diaphragm microphone in the list, which is designed like a true studio microphone, and will definitely liked by anybody who records acoustic instruments or percussion. Small diaphragm condenser microphones are used in a closed area where their small size and exact high-frequency response really stand out. They work well on percussions, acoustic guitars, symphonic instruments, hi-hats and room mics.

Warm Audio Microphones










Buy WA-84

Today, globally recognized live music venues, commercial recording studios, home recording studios, broadcasting control rooms, houses of worship, as well as live tour and festival sound rigs all use Warm Audio products.

Buy this high-quality Warm Audio microphones at affordable prices from Sound Town Electronics, which is one of the best musical instruments shop in Dubai, UAE.

Pioneer Introduces new DJ controller for beginners, DDJ-FLX4

Excited to announce the replacement Model for the famous DDJ-400 the new DDJ-FLX4 which is not only compatible with Rekordbox DJ but also Serato DJ Lite works with both PC and mac. Later-on next year updates to software allows Iphone or Android users to use recordbox mobile app via USB or Bluetooth.

This 2 channel DJ controller is designed for beginners and for casual DJling with a price tag of AED 1399. It includes a variety of new easy to learn features like track mixing and applying expert-level sound effects and more.

The New DDJ-FLX4 comes with a Smart Fader and a Smart CFX, which can smoothly switch between tracks by adjusting the BPM, volume and bass volume automatically. This helps the beginner DJs in getting a feel for mixing and making adjustment while performing. It also has the USB microphone output, so that you can attach the USB cable to the computer, making it easy for you to add your voice on recording or livestreaming. We can also remove the use of Audio Mixer or Sound cards to add vocals to the track.

It has pitch fader jog wheels, two EQ channels with high and low pass filter, hot cue buttons and pioneer’s traditional cue and play/pause button alignment. It has a dark grey color with rounded corners and the jogs are attractive.

Find out more about the new DJ Controller DDJ-FLX4 from Audio shop Dubai.


M-Audio New M-Game

M-Audio Launched New M-Game, Livestreaming Audio interface and Gaming Software

M-Audio launched new USB audio interface M-Game which has the ability to adapt changing trends and try new things. These devices are designed for live streaming, content creation, and can be used for both PC and console gamers. They provide inputs for your microphone/headset and mobile device as well as output for both headphones and speakers.

For any audience, M-Game offers high-quality streaming, improved performance and fun. M-Audio New M-Game Mixer includes dual USB RGB model and a solo box.  The new RGB Dual and Solo and M-game software, powered by M-Audio delivers distinctive and unique features for easy setup and customization.

It is created by the gaming experts at M-game in partnership with the audio engineering design team at M-Audio. Your best streaming experience is here.

Key Features of M-Game Solo

  • Single USB livestreaming audio interface which combines LED lighting effects, sampler and voice shaping effects with a professional audio interface and physical mixing control surface.
  • Connect any microphone to the M-Audio preamp to improve the sound.
  • Gaming PC can also be connected via the USB port to further enhance your audio.
  • Gaming console can be connected via an optical In, and any additional audio devices such as smartphone and tablet can be connected via 8pin stereo.
  • Provides real-time mixing control of all the audio outputs in a large center control knob, allow adjustment of headphone, headset to the speaker level.

M-Audio Launched New M-Game












Buy M-Audio M-Game Solo

Key Features of M-Game RGB

  • Professional dual USB streaming audio mixer with RGB LED illumination.
  • MGame RGB Dual offer complete control over a live broadcast, making it simple to combine audio from several streams, including music, microphone, chat game, and a sampler.
  • Improve the sound by connecting any microphone to the built in M-Audio preamp and using tools like gate, compressor, high pass filter, EQ, Mic booster and De-esser.
  • An optical game console input as well as an 8-inch stereo input are accessible for any extra audio devices, such as phones and tablet.
  • Dual USB ports enable simultaneous connection for gaming and streaming computers. With connections and effects MGame RGB create an entertaining live stream.

M-Audio Launched New M-Game












Buy M-Audio M-game RGB Dual

Both Mac OS X 10.15 and windows 10 or higher are compatible with M-Game products. The free M-Game software is provided with interfaces and allows you to customize settings and configure inputs, outputs and other features.

The M-Game RBB dual and Solo audio interfaces are now available at AED 992  and AED 624 respectively. Find out more on Audio Shop Dubai which is one of the best musical instrument shop in Dubai, UAE.

Shure Wireless Microphone

Shure Wireless Microphone

Shure Wireless Microphone is considered to be one of the best wireless microphones in the world. Shure microphones are known for its quality and reliability. Whether you used for the live vocal performance on the stage or voice recording in a studio, Shure will the microphone that suit your requirements in an affordable budget.

Shure wireless microphone comes with single mic set, dual mic set and also wireless in ear monitoring. There are two main components to every wireless microphone setup. One is a transmitter, which the performer usually wears or holds. The second part is a receiver, that collect radio signals from the transmitter, and convert them in to audio, and then send the audio through a cable to the mixer or power amplifier.

The package includes a transmitter, receiver, a power supply for the receiver, and batteries for the transmitters, and a user guide and have a simple set up. In dual set you can use a single receiver for both transmitters.

Modern performances such as concerts, business presentations, houses of worship, events, depend heavily on wireless microphone equipment. Pastors, journalists, vloggers, and fitness instructors all depends on wireless microphone for their daily work.

Professionals from all across the world, including sound engineers, live performers, broadcast producers, and public speakers, depends on Shure to achieve high standards.

Below are the Shure’s most popular wireless microphone systems and also affordable one.

Shure BLX Series

  • Quality microphone from Shure at affordable price.
  • It includes Shure BLX24UK/PG58X, Shure BLX24UK/SM58X, BLX14UK/P31X, BLX288/PG58 and more.
  • Operates at a distance of 300” between the receiver and wireless microphones to avoid dropouts in midsize sanctuaries.
  • Deliver 14 hours of operation on two AA batteries.

GLX-D Advanced Series

  • Easy setup
  • Operates at a distance of 200” between the receiver and wireless microphone under ideal conditions.
  • Allows 11.5 hours of continuous use right out of the box.

SLX-D Series

  • Transmitter and receiver were paired easily.
  • Available in single and dual channel receivers for every linked system
  • Operates at a distance of 328’ between the receiver and wireless microphone.

Audio Shop Dubai is one of the best online Audio and Musical Instrument Shop in UAE. We sell genuine Shure products all over UAE. Buy Shure wireless microphone from our online website Audio Shop Dubai, or you can visit our store located in Deira and Al Barsha. Please call us any time on +971 (58) 583 0375 if you need any help in deciding which microphone is right for you.

Best Sound System for Restaurant.

Best Sound System for Restaurant.

In a restaurant, interior design, seating, lighting, and helping staff should be perfect in order make customer return. Besides this, music is also an important factor that we cannot ignore in restaurant. Sound system used at home cannot be used as Sound System for Restaurant. In this article, we will provide you some tips on how to make the environment in your store, restaurant, café, shop or salon lively with music. We have focused our research with the experts and writing to assist you in locating and purchasing a music system.

Before buying a music system, following features to be considered,

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to add additional speakers later on
  • Easy to connect to online music
  • Cost effective

Generally, the Restaurant Sound System consist of Amplifier, Ceiling or wall mount speakers, Cables. However, the quality of the item differs according to the brand you choose, and the price of the item depends upon the brand.

JBL, Electro voice, Audac, RCF, Bose are the most renowned brands for Restaurant sound system. These are high quality brands, that produce right atmosphere to your restaurant and can be used daily.

JBL is the best choice to create a right ambiance for your restaurant. JBL speakers will completely immerse your customer in the music. It is capable of providing a high-quality sound system for streaming music in a commercial setting for a sizable restaurant or any other sizable location.

Bose is cost effective, high quality soundbar that meet all your requirements.

Audac loudspeaker has a beautiful appearance that makes it easy for them to blend in with the surroundings. You can easily operate your installation ideal for your setting. The goal of Audac is to provide distinctive and above all trustworthy audio solutions that will take your hospitality business to the nest level. You can build best customer experience with the help of these tested speakers, amplifiers and other equipment.

RCF speakers are the best option for getting background music and crisp clear voice. With their IP55 protection, the speakers may be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is quick and easy to install.

Electro voice has the appropriate speaker that can be used for any situation. They have excellent volume and clarity we require. EVID ceiling and EVID-S surface-mount loudspeakers cab cover dining room, bar restroom, patio and lobby. EVID subwoofer can be combined to provide more low-end support.

Sound Town Electronics provide a large variety of Sound System for Restaurant, that can improve your business. We can develop and install the greatest home sound system that your customer may enjoy. Our proficient and skilled staff will design and install the high-level audio speakers.

In this guide we have highlighted the basic principles of the Restaurant sound system, when you think of buying the new sound system equipment for new restaurant or want to upgrade sound system for existing one.

Our team of expert staff will provide a high-quality products and services in all restaurants, hotels, malls and workplaces. We provide a best setup within the client’s budgets. To learn more about the kinds of services we offer, get in touch with us.

Call Now: +971 (58) 583 0375




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